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Angeline turns ‘serious’: Not me in real life

  • Written by Mario Bautista
  • Published in Showbiz
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AFTER doing comedies in “Beauty in a Bottle”, “Four Sisters and a Wedding” and “That Thing Called Tanga Na”, singer-actress Angeline Quinto now tries doing drama in “Malinak Ya Labi”, the directorial debut of Abdel Langit that’s an entry in the Cinema One Originals Filmfest that starts showing today November 14. 

“Mahirap 'yung role hindi lang because it’s drama kundi it was filmed using the Pangasinan language or Pangasinense,” says Angeline. “Yung title naming ‘Malinac Ya Labi’ means ‘Silent Night’. Galing ang family namin from Pangasinan kaya familiar na ako sa words nila, naiintindihan ko 'yung ibang words, but I cannot speak them fluently. But for the movie, nag-aral talaga ako ng Pangasinense and our director, Abdel Langit, taught me how to pronounce them correctly.”

What’s her role in the movie? “I’m a teacher here, seryoso, may pagka-loner, na malayo sa’kin sa totoong buhay. May nahukay na bangkay ng isang bata in the story at doon magsisimula ang complications sa movie. Si Allen Dizon naman na kapareha ko, isang sundalo na niligawan ako kahit may asawa na pala siya. First indie film ko ito kaya abangan n'yo dahil naiiba siya. But after this, balik ako sa romantic comedy na ‘Never Been Kissed, Never Been Touched’ with Jake Cuenca na ginawa namin sa Regal Films, under the direction of Joel Lamangan.”
Producer Mother Lily Monteverde tells us they intend to release Angeline’s movie on November 30 but they want to change its title first. “Napanood ko na, nakakatawa si Angeline,” says Mother Lily. “But we want a new title na mas bagay sa young audiences today.”


AFTER playing a small role in the movie “Whistleblower” and doing a small villain role in “Buena Familia”, the comebacking Cogie Domingo is now back as the newest addition to the cast of the hit GMA Telebabad show, “Someone to Watch Over Me”. “It’s nice to be back on GMA kasi dito naman ako nag-start noong teenager pa ako in ‘Kung Mawawala Ka Pa’ ni Direk Joel Lamangan,” he says.
In “Someone to Watch Over Me”, he plays Ian, the neighbor of Lovi Poe as Joanna and Tom Rodriguez as TJ who becomes their friend. Ian is lonely as his wife just died of cancer and Tom becomes close to him now that he’s afflicted with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Lovi thanks him for being a good friend to Tom despite her husband’s sickness. It looks like Lovi will have a special connection with Cogie as Tom is shown asking him in the trailer: “Gusto mo ba si Joanna?” 

Lovi says this is a reunion for him and Cogie. “Siya ang una kong nakapareha in ‘Bakekang’ ten years ago,” she remembers. “Nagkasama rin kami sa isang episode ng ‘Love to Love’.”
Lovi is thankful that “Someone to Watch Over Me” continues to clobber its rival show in the ratings, especially in Urban Luzon where they register high ratings according to reliable survey company, AGB Nielsen. “I think viewers enjoy watching it kasi they learn more about Alzheimer’s disease and 'yung mga family na may members na may ganitong sakit, nakaka-relate sila. Also, it’s also a love story about the sacrifices you make for your sick loved one kaya tumututok sila every night.”


‘THE Accountant’ stars Ben Affleck as Christian Wolff, a man who’s diagnosed with a form of autism as a child. He grows up to be functional as a math whiz who can solve complex mathematical problems and finds more affinity in numbers than in other people. With his amazing skills, he grows up to be an accountant managing the finances of some dangerous criminal organizations, but he does this under the cover of a small town accounting firm.
This called the attention of Treasury Department Agent Ray King (J.K. Simmons) who then assigns an analyst, Marybeth Medina (Cynthia Addai Robinson) to investigate him and find out what he is hiding. Christian then gets a legitimate client, Lamar Black (John Lithgow), who owns a very successful robotics company. He has to study their financial records and pin down a discrepancy involving an inexplicably huge amount of dollars.
But what he uncovers proves to be dangerous to him and to the accounting clerk who’s assisting him, Dana (Anna Kendrick). Some quarters are not pleased that he uncovers the truth and hunts him down. It turns out that Christian has undergone martial arts and first rate combat training and is in a very good position to protect himself and the people he has learned to care for as a mercilessly efficient killer.
The movie is unique and interesting in its having a hero who has autism in an action film. We’ve met autistic characters before, notably “Rainman”, which got an Oscar for Dustin Hoffman, but never this way. The movie does not just exploit this real life disability and Ben Affleck nails the cool emotionless character quite perfectly, giving a very solid portrayal in the fascinating title role of a man who has difficulty relating with other people even if he wants to. It’s so riveting to watch him does his methodical daily routines that is so OC (obsessive compulsive).
Some viewers complain that they have difficulty following the narrative because it’s not told in a linear manner and the director does not spoon feed the viewer. It’s up to you to figure out what’s going on and how these scenes are interconnected, especially the flashback scenes that show Christian’s back story as a young boy in a school where he interacts with some classmates and a teacher who turns out to have other plans for his students.
There’s a big twist near the end involving the ruthless hitman played by Jon Bernthal that some viewers might buy and some viewers might think is just plain messy and unbelievable. Christian is seen driving away into the sunset like they’re expecting there would be a sequel. Director Gavin O’Connor has crafted some engaging action set pieces and also gets generally good acting from his cast, but the film feels like it has some higher aspirations that it fails to achieve. “The Accountant” might be a unique protagonist but if Ben Affleck thinks this would be his answer to his good friend Matt Damon’s Jason Bourne franchise, he might be a bit disappointed as his Accountant is not as energetic and bombastic as Bourne.