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3 airplane cleaners held for stealing stewardess’ phone

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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THREE airplane cleaners were arrested by the airline security and airport police after they allegedly connived in stealing a high-end cellphone belonging to a flight stewardess of the China Airlines. 

Investigation by Airport Police Officer Francis Bordo, AP02 Carmen Mamburao and AP02 Romeo Alejandro said that at around 9 a.m., China Air flight CI-701 arrived from Taiwan at the NAIA Terminal1.

As normal procedure, about 25 cleaners went up the plane to clean it, led by their team leader Genalyn Dumangon, 44,  of the Excellent Workers company.                          
Ray Buhayang, China Airline security, said flight stewardess Chiang Hui Lan complained that her cellphone was missing so all the airplane cleaners were summoned.  During questioning, it was discovered that the said cellphone was taken and passed from one cleaner to another.        
Randy Aberilla, 38, also a cleaner, told probers he saw the said cellphone on near the cockpit while it was connected to a charger.                                                                   
Aberilla said he told Dumangon about it and that while they were already having lunch at the barracks, Dumangon allegedly handed him over the cellphone.    
Aberilla claimed he was surprised and immediately hid the cellphone in the front part of his pants so that when frisked, it was not detected by the guard. When he got out, he passed the cellphone to another cleaner, Jhon Carlos Norris, 24.                                                                                                                 
During investigation, Norris produced the cellphone and pointed to Dumangon and Norris as the ones who took it and said it was just given to him. Dumangon and Aberilla are both pointing to the other as the one who took the cellphone.
 Itchie G. Cabayan