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Pasay Councilor Santos acts on media plight

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
  • Published in Opinion
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Special thanks to Pasay City Councilor Ding Santos, who, I was told, quickly acted on the problem that recently beset our colleagues from the Progressive Tri-Media, the group of reporters covering Southern Metro which includes the areas of Pasay, Para-ñaque, Makati, Taguig, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas and Pateros, headed by my good-looking Ariel Fernandez of Manila Bulletin as its president and who, by the way, celebrated his birthday yesterday (Happy birthday friend).

I also learned that some city officials expressed surprise why the problem had to be published in this paper. So, was it meant to be a secret? Or were these officials actually expecting the media members to take these kinds of things sitting down?

My media friends told me that their woes began when the Pasay City Hall’s engineering office siphoned human wastes from the septic tank of the Pasay detention cell and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology’s women’s jail.

The feces were loaded into garbage bags and then dumped, of all places, right beside the main door of the Pasay City Press Corps office. Said office is located just behind the city hall and is being used by reporters from TV, radio, print, online and the news wire services. Sitting there for days already, the bags naturally began secreting juices which flowed right into the press office.
Since nothing happened even if the matter was brought to the attention of the public information officer and the engineering office, Ariel sought help from colleagues.
Media members are members of the Fourth Estate, the first three being the Executive, Legislative and Judiciary. Although not officially, the press is widely regarded as a fourth branch of government and one that is important to a functioning democracy, being the people’s watchdog.
Thus, the media members, needless to say, must be accorded some degree of respect even just as plain human beings. They do not deserve to be treated shabbily to the point of exposing them to illnesses.
Fortunately for the beat reporters occupying that office, there is one good councilor, in the person of Ding Santos, who took time to act on the issue and help the media members there.
On the other hand, it is sad that it took Councilor Santos just to have such a problem resolved. Though left with not much choice, I don’t want to believe that Pasay City Mayor Tony Calixto either approved of making the Pasay City reporters suffer or he is just plain inutile, since my friends from that beat say nothing was heard or seen from his end at all.  In short, ‘dedma’.
If Calixto can afford to employ this kind of no-care attitude to problems besetting the media in Pasay City, I wonder what lesser mortals in that city can expect if they bring their problems to his doorstep.
So, kudos to Councilor Santos and boo to Mayor Calixto??? You be the judge.


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Jokjok (from Clarita Tolentino of Quiapo, Manila) -- Ang magkukumareng sina Petra, Juana at Tekla nagkasabay-sabay sa pagbili ng itlog sa palengke -- Petra: O Juana, bakit tumatawa ka mag-isa di-yan? Juana: Kasi mare, ’pag nakaka-kita ako ng ‘century egg’ naaalala ko  mister ko/Petra: Bakit? Ganyan ba kasarap?/Juana: Hinde. Kasi ganyan kaitim! Heheh. Eh ikaw naman, bakit nangingiti ka din diyan?/Petra: Kasi ’pag nakakakita ako ng itlog na pula naaalala ko din ang itlog ng mister ko/Juana: Bakit??? Ganyan ba kapula?/Petra: Ay naku, hinde. Ganyan kaalat!!!/Petra: Hoy Tekla, ano naman itinatawa mo diyan?/Tekla: Naaalala ko din kasi itlog ng mister ko/Juana: Teka, patatas ’yang hawak mo ah. ’Wag mo sabihin ganyan kalaki?/Tekla: Hinde! Kamo, ganyan kadumi!!! Sshhh!!


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