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Travelers warned on going to Australia without visa

  • Written by Cristina Lee-Pisco
  • Published in Nation
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THE Australian Embassy in Manila warned travelers against going to Australia without the necessary visa.

The warning was issued after articles posted on several social media sites said starting January 2017, Australia will no longer require visas for Filipinos visiting Australia for 90 days.
In its website, the Australian Embassy posted an alert notice saying to enter Australia, Filipino visitors should first apply for an Australian visa.
“The Embassy is aware of a hoax/scam suggesting that visa-free options for Filipino nationals will be available from January 2017. This is a scam and potential travelers to Australia must have a valid Australian visa,” the Embassy said.
The Embassy suggested Filipinos intending to travel to Australia to visit its travel website for instructions on where and how to apply for a visa and the  requirements needed.
The article being refuted by the Australian Embassy said that the Australian and Philippine governments entered into a bilateral visa agreement after a year of deliberation to simplify travel barriers between the two countries.
The same article said Filipino visitors only need to show return ticket  and proof of funds amounting to Aus$2,000 (US$1,500) before they are allowed entry into Australia. The same privilege will be given to Australians visiting the Philippines.