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Duterte’s choice of Tibayan hailed

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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First of all, belated happy birthday to Connie Bungag, alias ‘Lupe’, the sexy and very amiable chief of the Public Affairs Department of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA). 

The new management, under General Manager Ed Monreal, did just the right thing in reassigning Bungag to her present post. So, congrats to Connie and to GM Monreal as well….
It seems that indeed, the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is already beginning to train its guns on corrupt government officials and personnel.
Just a couple of days ago, he told the media how he wanted a Bureau of Customs (BOC) official, who is said to be facing a case of graft, suspended and removed. He was so determined that he said if Customs chief Nicanor Faeldon will not remove the guy, he (Duterte) will do it himself.              
Although Duterte did not name the said official, the latter was later identified in news reports as lawyer Arnel Alcaraz, officer-in- charge of the BOC’s Enforcement Group, being the only OIC who has a pending case with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for alleged extortion.    
Alcaraz was aptly replaced by Maj. Isabelo “Butch” Tibayan III, who is known for his expertise when it comes to intelligence and enforcement and his unparalleled diligence when it comes to work.
Duterte’s choice of Tibayan to replace Alcaraz was hailed by many in the bureau, the latter being a true-blue Customs guy who rose from the ranks basically through hard work and someone who knows the ins and outs of the bureau by heart.
Tibayan has a service record which is dotted with numerous successful apprehensions and valuable confiscation of big shipments that were either undeclared, misdelared or undervalued, among others. The items involved ranged from coated paper, textiles, food items like onions and vermicelli, PVC resins, smuggled rice, cocaine, assorted firearms and ammunition, minivans and brand-new, expensive vehicles.
I was told by a friend who knows Tibayan that sometime in 2007, Tiba-yan was among those from the Customs’ Enforcement and Security Service (ESS) who were responsible for busting a group of foreigner-businessmen, who were using for their operations certain equipment and diesel generators, said to be worth hundreds of millions,  which were misdeclared as mere ‘demo equipment’. Said confiscated items were reportedly capable of lighting up a whole province and of processing plastic and styropor products from resins.
The foreigners involved took effort in explaining to the higher-ups that the said equipment will be brought back to the point of origin ASAP after the alleged ‘demonstration’ is over.       
Of course, this did not happen as the machinery and generator were subsequently used for money-generating purposes, until the Customs bureau, led by Tibayan, among others, decided to act on the matter, by going to the province where such generator and equipment were being used and had them confiscated.
It was later bared that the said foreigners, who were already earning by the millions, evaded paying at least P200 million in taxes for the said items and it took the efforts of diligent Customs people such as Tibayan to rectify things.
I was also told that Tibayan had once become the target of a black propaganda, apparently perpetrated by those threatened by his good work or whose accomplishments he surpassed. Let us hope that Tibayan will be able to do his work unhampered this time around.

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