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Palace ghosts happy with Duterte

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GHOSTS of past Philippine presidents and other dead personalities which have long been haunting Malacañang Palace and its premises are happy with President Rodrigo Duterte. This was revealed by visionary Maestro Mystico to People’s Tonight following a psychic tour of the area recently.

Maestro Mystico told Tonight that ghosts can be found in every nook and cracy of the Palace. They also reside on trees around Malacañang especially  in the  Indian trees planted around the compound.

Past presidents, presidential guards and their commanders, including Palace officials, continue to hang round the place.  They include spirits  of former secretaries Cerge Remonde and Jess Robredo, Mystico said as  this writer joined him in a tour of the Palace ahead of All Saints’ Day.
Mystico, however, cautioned the President to be extra careful  as  his political rivals  are unrelenting in plotting  his ouster. The enemies  will however not succeed, the visionary  said, adding that the public  should brace for a calamity in December. Mystico also sees an earthshaking event that could change our political landscape but with Duterte still taking  hold of power.
Mystico said that Duterte will continue to be popular and stay at the Palace.
Duterte has admitted experiencing creepy moments in Malacanang Palace.
“There are many ghosts there,” Duterte often would admit to Palace reporters.
Duterte once told Palace reporters that he oftentimes sees ghosts early in the morning at his Bahay Pangarap where he resides.
Even before becoming  President, Duterte narrated a spine-tingling experience when he was called during the wee hour of the day by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He was then her consultant on law and order.
While waiting for Mrs. Arroyo, Duterte  said  he felt some cold breeze while he was staring at photographs of past Philippine presidents. Minutes later, Duterte said that when he looked again at the photographs, they are all looking at him.
“May prejudice ako sa Malacañang. Tanungin niyo si [Ilocos Norte Governor] Imee Marcos, nag-usap kami, sabi niya talagang may multo doon,” Duterte said.
Governor Marcos is the eldest daughter of the late strongman President Ferdinand Marcos, who resided with his family in Malacañang for 21 years.
A few weeks ago, Duterte said the large portraits of past presidents that adorn the Palace walls spook him out. This is one of the reasons why he  frequently goes home to Davao.
Duterte said that his bed is his comfort zone, away from ghosts.
The crimebuster but no ghostbuster leader usually holds office in Mindanao at the Department of Public Works and Highways Depo in Panacan, Davao.
Malacañang, which sits on 1000 Jose P. Laurel St., San Miguel, Manila, is over two centuries old.
The late Marcos had admitted that among the inexplainable things  he’d seen  were the  ghosts of the barber of President Quezon walking inside the Palace.
Imee and Irene also once saw the ghost sending them running in fear.
“That evening,”  Marcos said, laughing, “the two girls slept in our bedroom.”
Residents and staff say the ghosts of former presidents have been seen roaming around Malacañang
Gov. Marcos reportedly saw the ghost of President Quezon in the study room, according to the Malacañang website.
The website has in fact dedicated a whole page on supernatural tales about the Palace.
Officials, palace guards and other personnel share a plethora of spine-tingling stories, including the creepy sound of footsteps following them, pianos playing by themselves in empty rooms, and sightings of a lady in a frilly black dress, a white bearded man, and other ghosts and supernatural creatures such as a kapre (smoking giant) puffing cigars from the centuries-old balete tree (strangling fig tree) at the Palace entrance.