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Full score @ 44

It is said that life begins at 40.

Apparently, this is true for both personal and juridical entities.

If so, corporate and institutional life for the Philippine Journalists Inc., publisher of this small but brave news paper, is in full bloom.

Yes, we have been around, been there, and done that.

We have seen, covered, reported, and analyzed political, economic, social, cultural, environmental, and scientific events and breakthroughs for more than four decades.

That is almost two generation of relentless and comprehensive coverage and reporting of the news.

We have been at it, pounding the beat, long before our closes competitors saw their first print.

We have seen and wrote about changes in administration either by force or by persuasion, reported on the triumphs and travails of seven Presidents thus far, political, and social movements, as well as economic and financial events that impacted on the quality of life of the people.
Through all these, we not only endured but prevailed as a respected media institution.
And this we have been able to achieve simply by telling the news as it is—no embellishments, just the facts.
That’s because it’s also the way, the only way, our loyal readers want them presented to them.
And our greatest reward is their loyal patronage over the last 44 years.
And for that we thank them very much.
We can only promise them one thing—to keep the flame of such excellent journalistic service burning in the years to come.
And while we keep our noses tightly glued to the news, our specialized  editorial teams were on their toes keeping track of  the latest developments in the sporting world, the entertainment and showbusiness industry, as well as social and cultural scenes.
From the very start, we got all bases covered.
And now we can be accessed online, in real time, 24/7 anywhere in the digital world via our website and our online edition. And, yes, we are fully interactive.
Not bad for a “Great Pretender”.
You see, we have been rightfully accused of being “a broadsheet pretending to be a tabloid”.
To this day we relish such accolade.
Can any of our closes competitors top that?
And so we ask what more could we ask for at 44?
How about another 44 years of your loyal patronage, dear readers?