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De Lima’s bill and women cops as DPAs? really??

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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THe proposed bill of neophyte Senator Leila de Lima might just find itself dead in the water and rightly so. 

Imagine proposing that a megaphone be used by the police in their operations to warn crime suspects before they are actually arrested? 

Coming at a time when so-called ‘drug-related killings’ by the police are among those being probed in the Senate, De Lima’s proposal under Senate Bill 1197, or the “Anti-Extrajudicial Killing Act of 2016,” which supposedly seeks to define extrajudicial killing (EJK), also prohibits the law enforcers from firing warning shots, among others. It also stipulates that ‘alternative non-lethal incapacitating weapons’  would be the primary tool to effect arrest when there is resistance on the part of the suspects.                                                                                        
Apparently, De Lima is far from being in touch with reality when it comes to the crime situation in the country and as to how criminals have worsened over the years. This is understandable because she is among the lucky few who constantly moves around with security aides by her side and is thus shielded from falling victim to any form of criminality.    
Having been covering the police beat for a good number of years, I can say with certainty that the criminal elements nowadays, specially those involved in illegal drugs, have not only become bolder. They have also become more ingenious, heartless and sophisticated when it comes to tactics and weaponry.  
Using bullhorns to announce the presence of the police prior to a suspect’s arrest may only be good for hostage situations, but definitely not when an operation is targeted against a notorious, dangerous and armed criminal who is ready and willing to kill and be killed instead of giving up or getting arrested. Moreso, if that subject is a drug-crazed pusher or dealer who simply has no regard for human lives. These are operations that require stealth and the element of surprise.        
Also amid this given situation, arming the police only with ‘alternative, incapacitating non-lethal weapons’ would expose our lawmen to certain death since they would be pitted against criminals who arm themselves with lethal, at times even super high-powered weapons and do not have to worry about being investigated, losing a job or being charged and jailed if they get to kill cops. All they have to do is elude arrest as they are used to and then life goes on for them.    
As it is, the job of law enforcers is already one where, as the age-old saying goes, ‘nasa hukay na ang isang paa’ as soon as they step out of the house and De Lima’s bill will only put the police at a great disadvantage against the criminals. Might as well throw our law enforcers to the lion’s den.  That would be quicker, less expensive and less embarrassing.                                                                                                                               


Another development which I find truly funny and downright nonsensical is the announcement that women cops will be used as deep penetration agents (DPAs) against the so-called ‘ninja cops’, or policemen who are involved in operating against drug suspects only to recycle drug seizures arising from the said operation by keeping the drugs and then reselling them back to the market, sometimes even using the suspects from whom the drugs were confiscated.         
The term DPA is an espionage jargon. It is supposed to refer to persons, either from the private or government sector, who are sent on a mission of penetrating a certain organization in order to be able to gather vital information through clandestime means.                                                                                                  
I have yet to hear of a DPA announcing to the public that he is a DPA! Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose of one’s being? Helowww...        


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