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Family and the MTRCB @ 31

  • Written by Eugenio 'Toto' Villareal
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The family is at the core and heart of any country. Within the family, one will find a unique value system that is supposed to give identity to, and mold, its members. Through this system, Tatay, Nanay, Kuya, Ate and Bunso become caring and responsible members of society. And then, we have our various associations, both formal and informal. At the MTRCB, ours is a family comprised of the MTRCB Board, our officers and staff, stakeholders from the film and television industries and the viewing public. The Board is a clan of sorts, vast – as each member comes from various disciplines, and all with their own unique temperaments. But what unites all of us is our unwavering passion for the film and television industries. And then, there is our cherished commonality: putting on the “parent’s hat” as an enabling tool for our audiences.

Relevantly, the MTRCB has taken an interest in the depiction of Indigenous Peoples (IPs) in film and television. Advocates from tribal communities, which are cherished members of our “nationwide” Filipino family, have spoken to us and even volunteered to share their knowledge and best practices during our Matalinong Panonood activities. If plans will push through, our stakeholders may just find the active participation of IPs during our forthcoming annual Family and Child Summit.

MTRCB is celebrating its 31st anniversary on  October  5 and looking back on our journey as a family, this year was made even more successful through our collaboration with various communities and sectors. They too have become family to us. The MTRCB owes a big part of its success to the active participation of all its “family” members. Moreover, the MTRCB’s different projects and programs would not be that far-reaching and impact-filled were it not for the openness and enthusiasm of our viewing public to understand and apply the ratings system.

Let this also be a time of thanksgiving to all the men and women of MTRCB who are continually committing themselves to authentic public service. May we all continue to fortify our efforts, as one community, in protecting the best interest of the Filipino family through age-appropriate, audience-sensitive, and culturally-sound content, firmly anchored on respect for the dignity of the human person.%