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Has ‘sorry’ become a fad?; Mark Anthony blunders

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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Direct hit

‘SORRY’ seems to be the word of the day.

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV apologized for his demeanor during one of the hearings on the extra-judicial killings at the Senate, when he bullied fellow Senator Alan Peter Cayetano in full view of the media and the public present in the august hall, acknowledging that his behavior was ‘uncalled for.’

After walking out of Monday’s hearing, still on the EJK, Senator Leila de Lima also said ‘sorry’ -- not only for walking out of the session hall in the middle of the hearing but also for her outburst -- although she made it clear that her apology was directed to the public and not to Senator Richard Gordon with whom she had a heated exchange that prompted the walkout.

I heard over a TV news report that actor Mark Anthony Fernandez had also apologized after he was caught by Angeles City policemen while allegedly in possession of a brick of marijuana.

Of course, we also know that President Duterte himself apologized twice in recent days. One was for what he said was the erroneous inclusion of then Pangasinan Governor and now Congressman Amado Espino in his drug matrix. The other apology was offered to the Jewish community after he likened himself to Adolf Hitler and the slaughter of the six million Jews during the World War II to his willingness to slaughter the three million drug addicts in the country. Duterte clarified that he did not mean to derogate or defile the Jews or the memories of the Jews who lost their lives during the dark days of the holocaust.
And then, of course again, there is the ‘fake’ sorry of Philippine National Police-Highway Patrol Group officer Senior Inspector Rufino Noog, who recently found himself in hot water after a lady motorist accused him of slapping and cussing at her during an altercation. This apparently emboldened MMDA traffic constable Richard Roman that he came out and also accused Noog of punching him hard in the side of his body while he was trying to help Noog move a misplaced steel bar in their station in EDSA-Ortigas.   
I said the apology was ‘fake’ after Noog’s legal counsel told the media that Noog said sorry just to get things over with. His exact words were, “nag-sorry lang siya (Noog) para matapos na. It was an SOP on his part to put the defense.”
Senator De Lima said she expects an apology from Gordon, although I don’t see it forthcoming. Will Gordon also say the magic word? Who’s next to say ‘sorry’? Sorry, but I really have no idea.
* * *
Following his arrest, actor Mark Anthony Fernandez spoke a mouthful which put him in deeper trouble and raised some questions. He said his late father Rudy Fernandez told him to use marijuana as a preventive measure to avoid cancer.  He also said he has had arthritis since he was a child, in an apparent attempt to justify his marijuana use and said a doctor had advised him the same thing. 
Renowned cardiologist Dr. Tony Leachon of the Manila Doctor’s Hospital, who is also president of the Philippine College of Physicians Foundation, said none of what Fernandez said was with basis. He said the statements were irresponsible and were clearly an alibi.
According to Dr. Leachon, it’s not true that marijuana can prevent cancer, adding that such has yet to be proven first by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).
At the moment, he said, there are no absolute indications for use of marijuana in arthritis and that there are many safer medications that can be used to treat arthritis.
Still according to Dr. Leachon, there is the compassionate use of marijuana. Patients can request this, provided the doctor of the patient should first write the FDA on behalf of the patient.

“There’s a FDA law for humanitarian or for special cases so they can ask exemptions from the FDA if they are going to use marijuana for medical purposes. Patients cannot secure marijuana on their own since based on Dangerous Drugs Board ruling -- it is prohibited unless amended by law,” the good doctor explained further.
Mark Anthony should be advised by a legal counsel to stop talking already for his own sake as his statements might be taken against him when his case goes to court.
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Jokjok (from Sophie Castillo of Pangasinan) -- Chinese dying in bed.. Akyen panganay dito ba?/Panganay: ’Andito po/ Chinese: Akyen asawa dito ba?’/Asawa: ’Andito ko, sweetheart/ Chinese: Akyen Junior, dito ba?/Junior: ’Andito din po/Chinese: Mga katulong, dito ba?/Mga katulong: ’Andito po kami sir/ Chinese: Punyeta! Dito kayo lahat? E ’di wala tao tindahan! Wakangaaaaaaa.
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