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Honest airport cop; ‘Tokhang’ ignored in Pasay

  • Written by Nitz Miralles
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Direct hit

IN the olden days, when someone from the government does the right thing even when no one is looking, it is called integrity. Nowadays, some call it regrettable, worse, at times,  stupidity even, especially if what is involved is instant cash.

This is what an honest airport cop now has to contend with, albeit unnecessarily, after he found an abandoned wallet and cellphone and returned them to the rightful owner, sometime just last week.

The story was only narrated to me by some airport workers since I do not know Ongtawco and not even heard of him until after he was commended for what happened. At the airport police, there are only a handful that I personally know have established  a reputation for their integrity, competence and kindness. Among them are Col. Adriano Tecson and APO2 Edmund Ignacio.

Anyway, the member of the Airport Police Department (APD) I am talking about in the case at hand is Ricardo Ongtawco. He was said to be conducting a routine security patrol at the  Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminal when he found a wallet and a cellphone lying on the floor at the departure area.

Ongtawco picked up the wallet and the cellphone. Finding no one nearby who appeared to be the owner, he decided to check the said wallet for any identification or information that may lead to the identity of the owner.  Finding one, Ongtawco proceeded to the airport’s public address system and had him paged.
Fortunately, the owner, a Korean identified as Woon Yeon Kim, has not boarded his scheduled flight, Philippine Airlines Flight PR 468 bound for Incheon, South Korea.
At first, Kim had no idea why his name was being called out repeatedly. When he went to the public addres section to check, it was then and only then that he learned he had lost his wallet and cellphone and that they also have been found.
The Korean heaved a deep sigh of relief and profusely thanked Ongtawco, who was also subsequently praised and formally commended by Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) General Manager Ed Monreal for having joined the ranks of airport personnel who have displayed honesty while at work.
When asked by some friends why he did not just keep the wallet and the cellphone when he could have easily done so since the spot where he found the said items was a very busy area and no one would have noticed, Ongtawco was aghast.
Stressing that such greedy thought did not even cross his mind, Ongtawco was said to have told those taunting him that as far as his belief is concerned, ‘God sees everything that we do.’
It is despicable how some unscrupulous people could afford to taunt those who do the right thing.
* * *

‘TOKHANG’ IGNORED IN PASAY -- Some residents of Tramo and  Inocencio-Zamora in Pasay City say that only recently, ‘Oplan Tokhang’ was conducted in their area.
As we all know, the purpose of such operation is to knock on the door of suspected drug personalities and ask them to change their ways ‘before it is too late.’
The residents initially felt relief after the police conducted the said operation in their area, thinking that it would put an end to the activities of drug users and the proliferation of drugs there.
However, according to them, those who have been subjected to ‘Oplan Tokhang’ continue with their drug activities after the police ‘visited’ them, as if nothing happened. In short, ‘dedma.’ 
Apparently, the suspected drug personalities are not afraid of the police. Why? Hmmm….
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Jokjok (from Jona-than Balmado of Pamplona, Las Piñas City) -- PEDRO: Pare, hulaan mo bakit lagi na lang Intsik ang kinikidnap ng mga kidnaper?/ JUAN: Sirit pare, baket?/PEDRO: Kasi ’pag Pinoy, hulugan ang bayad sa ransom. ’Pag Bumbay, ‘5-6’. ’Pag Kano, credit card. Eh ’pag Intsik, siguradong cash on delivery pare. C.O.D.!!!!
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