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AFP to Sulu folk: Don’t panic!

  • Written by Zaida Delos Reyes-Palanca
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THE Armed Forces of the Philippines - Joint Task Force  Sulu yesterday called on  the people of Sulu to remain calm, vigilant and alert amid terrorism and sudden spike of messages posted on social media about specific terrorist’ targets that tend  to alarm people unnecessarily.

JTF Sulu commander Arnel Dela Vega said the AFP is in the process of monitoring and validating all the information they received to be able to come up with strong precautionary measure.

“All information are being validated. The public is advised not to panic but to be vigilant and alert,” Dela Vega said.

He also asked the public to report any suspicious individuals, group or unattended bags or packages to authorities and do not touch or remove them.

Dela Vega told the people to  do their daily routine activities unless dire circumstances that may prevent them from doing so.

He said that the  terrorists aim to sow fear and panic by means of bloodshed, destruction and intimidation, and if the people panic, it‘s a victory for them.
“If we subscribe to their threat even without them actually doing it, they succeed in disturbing our way of life,” Dela Vega said.
Dela Vega advised anyone who received text or any information about supposed terror threat  to send it immediately to the AFP or the PNP for validation.
He added that it is also not wise to spread text or any message that details a supposed terroristic attack on a specific establishment as this may only be a ploy by some interest groups riding on the issue.
The official said that the fight against terror is everyone’s responsibility and the people should unite against terrorism.
“We hope this will help our people and the different communities. Rest assured that your soldiers and policemen are on the double, finding bits and pieces of information in order to protect our communities.” Dela Vega said.