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Monreal draws sighs of relief at MIAA

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
  • Published in Opinion
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Officials and rank-and-file employes of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) heaved a sigh of relief  when the appointment of Ed Monreal as its new general manager was finally formalized recently.

Although he began performing the tasks of airport manager as early as July 1, it was not until August 25 before Monreal’s papers became really, really official, when the MIAA’s Board of Directors confirmed him via Office Order Number 01, so he could formally assume his duties and responsibilities effective Thursday, August 25.
I learned that at the MIAA, the system is different. I was told by an oldtimer that the President presents his appointee and the board confirms that appointee before he formally becomes the airport manager.
Anyway, even before the confirmation, most, if not all, airport workers and even airline operators were hoping and wishing real hard that he is it, not only because he is known to understand the workings of his office being a former country manager of a top airline company, but also owing to the reputation that preceded him, that of being a humble and grounded person.
A couple of utility personnel narrated how they were surprised by the attitude displayed by Monreal when he met with all of the maintenance staff of the airports to allay fears that they would lose their jobs with the entry of the new administration and the ongoing streamlining.
The janitorial staff said there was no moment when Monreal became bossy at all and that he really listened to them, as if they were co-equals.
According to them, Monreal was down to earth and full of sincerity and empathy, as he assured them that he would do everything within his power to help them keep their jobs. And this he really did.
Also before his formal appointment, Monreal has introduced vital changes when he ended the ‘tanim- bala’ incidents and the perennial problem of long queues due to lack of enough taxis, by allowing regular cabs to pick up passengers at the four NAIA terminals, particularly for the convenience of the newly-arrived OFWs and foreign tourists.
He also ordered the installation of gangchairs at the NAIA Terminal 3, after seeing passengers slumped on the floor in nearly every corner of the departure lobby while waiting for their flight.
Monreal shook his head in embarrassment at the sight, saying the passengers pay terminal fees and deserve only the best when it comes to airport services and facilities.
A new hotline number, 877-1111, was also launch-ed to receive complaints from rude airport personnel to overcharging taxi drivers -- from passengers and in an effort to deliver better services to the public.
These are just some of the things that Monreal had done even before his assumption into office became totally formalized. Now that his appointment had been formalized, I’m sure he will be able to go full-swing with all his plans for  better airport operations.
If Monreal will keep up with his ways that have now endeared him to the employees, he is sure to get everybody’s full cooperation to ensure the success of his stewardship. Kudos!!!

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