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Aguilar calls on citizens’ cooperation to police checkpoints

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LAS Piñas City -- Mayor Imelda “Mel” Aguilar called on the cooperation of city residents and the public in the conduct of police checkpoints and strict security measures being adopted since Saturday following the deadly blast in Davao on Friday.

This was aired by Mayor Aguilar, citing the Saturday incident where  policemen manning the checkpoint along Real Street and Naga Road intercepted a group of armed men carrying a cadaver suspected to be  a victim of extra judicial killing.
In a report to the mayor by City police chief Senior Supt. Jemar Mo-dequillo, it said that at around 1:20 a.m. on Sept. 4, 2016, the suspects, on board a gray sedan car (TGB-477) were flagged down by policemen manning the checkpoint. But  instead of pulling over, the vehicle sped off, prompting authorities to give chase. During the chase the suspects fired shots at the pursuing policemen and the running gunbattle ended along C-5  Road towards Coastal Road near the boundary of Las Piñas and Para-ñaque. It ended with the death of the three suspects on board the vehicle.
A check of the suspects’ vehicle revealed the body of an unidentified dead man wrapped with packaging tape at the back compartment with note  on a cardboard “Tulak ako...Magnana-kaw...Wag tularan.”
Also found in the possession of the dead suspects were a 9mm pistol, a  shotgun, cal. .38 revolver and sachets of “shabu”. Their car also  revealed other than the cadaver, pairs of bonnet, a knife, rope, a  roll of packaging tape and other clothes.
“The alert move of our policemen manning the checkpoint averted the  lawless activity and our full cooperation to the law enforcers,” Aguilar said.
The mayor has directed the chief of police to mobilize the entire police force in the enforcement of safety drive, including beefing up  security measures in all business and commercial establishments,  schools and malls.
She likewise urged the city’s various homeowners’ associations to  extend cooperation with the city police in the enforcement of security  processes for the safety of all in accordance with the state of lawless violence declared by President Rodrigo Duterte.