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‘Por primera vez, sienten que tener un gobierno’

  • Written by Jay De Castro
  • Published in Opinion
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Magkaisa para sa bayan

THE fight against illegal drugs being waged by President Digong Duterte is unprecedented in our country’s history. The number of drug pushers and users killed, as a result of the campaign, which reached almost 2,000, in less than two months of his presidency, alarmed both the US and the UN, which asked for a halt in the killings they claim are illegal.

But in the country, the poor, from whose strata, most of the dead emanate, do not protest the killings, and surprisingly welcome them, because for the first time, they feel secured and protected from the drug addicts, who have killed members of their family and friends and whose permanent banishment, they believe, is the only solution and guarantee for their peaceful existence, for which they are thankful to the president.

“Por primera vez, sienten que tener un gobierno.” For the first time, they feel they have a government.

Who killed alleged drug lord Melvin Odicta?

It could not be the PNP, because it is important to keep him alive, to know the politicians and ranking AFP or PNP officials who protect him in his trade; it could not be the vigilantes, because they have no resources for high value targets; it could not be the NPAs, because they withdrew support to Digong’s anti-drug campaign, saying it is anti-people. Who?
It could only be the people, the politicians, generals, colonels or prominent persons, who deal with the slain drug lord, for fear that they would be exposed by the latter. They can’t bear to be exposed as drug dealers or coddlers, such that, they have to silence him -- forever. May forever sa illegal drugs.
But as for me, the best way to cure our society, from the menace of illegal drugs, is to tell the people, for posterity, the names of all politicians, mayors, governors, congressmen, senators, and even presidents, who in one way or another, profited from this plague, reveal all candidates for national offices who received campaign funds from drug lords and pushers and pro­secute them as warranted.
No one should be left unnamed and unshamed, be they dead or alive.  This should be the final step to open a new chapter in our history -- the waging of a revolution that will create upheaval and total change for our country and people. Anything less, will be a ripple and not cause a tsunami of change in our nation.

Double Assassination
“What’s happening in the government’s anti-illegal drugs campaign is double assassination, that committed by the PNP, which they call legitimate police operations (LPO) and that perpetrated by drug syndicates against rival syndicates, called vendetta or revenge.
There are more casualties in vendetta killings done to control the drug business in the gangs’ respective territories because of the “tamang hinala” effect of shabu. Paranoid that their rival would report them to the police, they eliminate each other, to the joy of the police.
But since there are bad cops who are deeply involved in illegal drugs, the good cops are constrained to kill them and the latter who lose millions of drug money in the campaign, retaliate by killing the former, like how drug syndicates kill each other.
In fine, the battle is between the PNP, represented by the good cops and the drug syndicates, aided by the bad cops.
In this battle, the citizens should not be mere spectators, but active supporters and informants for the good cops, by providing them the identities and movements of their nemesis, the drug lords and pushers and the bad cops who protect them.

Rx Death
The daily dose of death pills for drug pushers and addicts that is being administered by the Duterte administration upon our drug-crazed nation, has removed our people from the ICU that they were in, when Digong was not yet president.
Now, with his prescription of not less than 10 deaths a day, to exterminate junkies, excluding those administered by vigilantes, our country is into fast recovery and our citizens, devastated by the ills of drug addiction, are slowly recuperating, to become clean and responsible members of society.
They are now seeing the dawn of a new day for our country and people.
But didn’t we just have an overdose of Rx Death with the bombing of Davao night market that resulted to the death of 15 people and wounding of 67 others?
That is true. But those who perpetrated such mayhem, could be the addicts themselves, who should be administered the same pill by President Duterte.  
In this perilous times, let us trust and support our President.