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Bello to business sector: Eliminate ‘endo’

  • Written by Lee Ann P. Ducusin
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IN line with President Rodrigo Duterte’s directive, the Department of Labor and Employment has started convening business leaders and employers groups   in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao to secure their support and cooperation in eliminating contractualization or “endo” and other prohibited practices.

Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III said owners of business establishments will play major roles in eliminating the said labor practices.
“We have started holding dialogues with major industry players in the National Capital Region. The establishments such as malls, food chains and hotel industries have big roles to play in ensuring that ‘endo’ or illegitimate contractualization is eliminated,” he said.
Last week, the DoLE Technical Working Group held a dialogue with the Philippine Association of Legitimate Service Contractors as part of its ongoing campaign in Luzon. Similar dialogues are also being conducted with contractors and sub-contractors in the Visayas and Mindanao.
During the consultation, Bello appealed to PALSCON members to help the DoLE eliminate “endo.”
“We all look at you as partners, and as partners, we must help each other. Let’s find out how we can solve this problem immediately,” he said.
The labor chief also reminded the contractors group about Duterte’s ardent aim to get rid of “endo” and contractualization.
“You know the position of President Duterte: No “endo,” no contractualization. I am relaying to you his message,” he said.
Bello reminded the members of PALSCON to give their employees what is due them.
“You must give your employees all the benefits that they deserve under the law but what is most essential is their security of tenure,” he said.
Part of the national action plan in eliminating “endo” is the review of Department Order 18 and its proposed revision, focused group discussion of experts and adoption of a communications plan to support the campaign to eliminate “endo” and all prohibited forms of contracting and subcontracting.
The DoLE will also recommend to the President the earmarking of substantial funds to serve as safety net protection for displaced workers by providing job facilitation services, training and retraining programs, livelihood assistance and scholarships for dependents.
A legislative action is also being considered to reinforce the total eradication of “endo” practice.
Bello issued DoLE Advisory 10-2016, which prohibits labor-only contracting or an arrangement where the contractor or the subcontractor merely recruits, supplies or places workers to perform a job, work or service for a principal.
Labor only contracting is also prohibited if the contractor or subcontractor does not have sufficient capital or investments in the form of tools, equipment, machinery, work premises and  the workers recruited are performing activities that are directly related to the main business of the principal.
Labor-only contracting is also present when the contractor does not exercise control over the performance of the work of the employees rather the principal actually exercises control and supervision over them.