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IT is certainly reassuring to note that the hard-hitting chief of the 160,000-member  Philippine National Police (PNP) is against extrajudicial killings, summary killings and vigilantism.

This despite the fact that the government of President Rodrigo “Digong” R. Duterte is waging a nationwide total war against criminals, notably drug lords, traffickers and pushers.
“We always follow the law when we go after crime offenders, particularly those involved in (illegal) drugs,” said PNP chief Director-General Ronald “Bato” M. dela Rosa.
Dela Rosa, a member of Class 1986 of the Philippine Military Academy, said “everything we do is legal,” adding, “gusto ko legitimate police operations ang mangyayari, hindi ’yung mga ganyan.”
And he was quick to express his belief that extrajudicial killings, which now worry many quarters, are being carried out by vigilantes.
The PNP chief, a close ally of President Duterte, said these vigilantes are supposed to be fed up with the country’s criminal justice system.
Like the top “Mamang Pulis,” we believe that other extrajudicial killings are being perpetrated by drug syndicates gunmen who want to purge their ranks of unwanted members.
Records show that since July 1, when Duterte assumed the top political post of the land, police operatives have killed over 500 suspected drug personalities in gunfights across the country.
Indeed, it’s time to rid this Southeast Asian country of more than 100 million people of habit-forming substances, like shabu and cocaine, drug lords, manufacturers and pushers.
And the PNP top honcho wants that all illegal drug personalities end up dead in shootouts with his men and women.
Hindi ’yung pinapatay na lang ng mga tinatawag na vigilante sa iba’t ibang parte ng bansa.