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Top Gear lesson cue for social media training

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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THIS corner  is highly supportive of the idea to institutionalize social media training in the country so that more Filipinos will learn how to use internet properly.

Social media training is becoming very necessary now when people are getting so irresponsible in cyberspace usage.

This could be gleaned in the controversy involving a top online automobile market which uploaded an erroneous information  about a vehicle used in a Manila crime  recently.
On-line portal Top Gear Philippines is now underfire and facing possible suits after posting in its Facebook page what it thought was the vehicle of the suspect in the fatal shooting of a cyclist in Quiapo. As it turned out,  Top Gear made a mistake and gravely compromised the safety of the innocent owner of the vehicle and his family.
It’s time that many of our netizens or people using the internet for business be taught on the proper use of social media. It’s supposed to make our countrymen well-informed and not to shame them.
They must realize that it should be helpful  rather than destructive. Careless activities in social media not only ruin people’s name. They also destroy livelihood, families, and lives.
To institutionalize social media training in the Philippines,  such should be included in the high school curriculum so that  our  youth and the generations to come  would become responsible internet users.
Business establishments especially those engaged in online activities may also conduct  mandatory and  comprehensive workshop on social media so their employees would be aware of their duties and responsibilities as part of the global internet community.
Such company trainings are necessary in the absence of  editorial policy  or a board that regulates online business operations.
Education is what we need to fully understand and properly use social media.

And talking about education, kids won’t really be able to study hard if they spend their time in computer shops. And they have easy access to computer shops if these establishments are near schools.
I go to computer shops frequently and I see students going there not to do school works but to play online games. Once inside the shops, children are already free to browse anything from games that promote violence  to pornography.
There are also reports of students staying at computer shops on a 24-hour basis and they literally don’t go home anymore for a number of days because they are stuck with online games.  The only time they see their parents is when they already have no more ‘baon’ to pay computer shops.
But it’s nice to know that one mother in Taguig City is not giving up the fight against a computer shop which is operating near a school where his son is studying.
Concerned parent Maria Arquines complained to this corner that ‘Cybernet’, a computer shop which is just a stone’s throw away from Signal Village Elementary School, is not closing down despite being the subject of numerous complaints from the public.
Mrs. Arquines said Cybernet is facing a lot of cases before the Barangay but unfortunately, it is still open and attracting many students to use its computers for online games and other purposes harmful to children.
Of course we’ve heard about barangay officials being bribed by illegal establishments so they can do business to the detriment of our people, but I do hope the ones covering Cybernet are clean and straight.
If the barangay captain is honorable and doing his job right and happens to read the country’s most  favorite tabloid which is  People’s Tonight,  then Mrs. Arquines  won’t be seeing this computer shop open anymore  sooner or later.
So we’ll see what happens next, Mrs. Arquines.  For now,  stay a good mom.

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