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28 disturbing paranormal events

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From possessed objects to terrifying apparitions, these stories will chill you to the core

1. MY friend had a premonition about a stabbing

My uncle and stepfather got into an altercation outside of our house wherein my stepfather got stabbed in the back. He fell on me coming back inside and I got coated in blood. My mother and I drove to the hospital. It was about 1 a.m. When we returned back to the house at about 4 or 5 a.m., there was a message on the answering machine from my best friend crying, asking me to call her right away because she had dreamed of me being covered in blood. The message was time stamped as the same time the incident occurred, about 1 a m.

2. The baby’s crib collapsed
My grandma and a few of the other ladies set up a Ouija Board at a party thrown by a friend. A woman asked a question and the board spelled out ‘Go Home’ thinking it was the hostess making a joke everyone laughed it off. Everyone else asked their questions without much of a response until it got to the same woman, again the board spelled out ‘Go Home’. The next two questions she asked all she would see was ‘Go Home.’ The woman got her husband and they left. When they got home they found the babysitter passed out on their couch and their baby’s crib had collapsed. The baby only had a couple scratches and was fine.
My wife is an RN and she was saving a particular patient for last as the patient was known to be a real pain. The patient had smeared sh*t all over the walls of the bathroom and the hospital room, she was standing on the bed screaming and jumping up and down on the bed. The two of them somehow got the patient calmed down, got the horrible mess cleaned up, and got their jobs done. They were standing one person on each side of the door proclaiming how much that sucked when they spotted a big farmer looking guy wearing a John Deere baseball cap, overalls, a red plaid checkered shirt and big work boots coming down the hospital hallway. He walked right past them into the patient’s room slamming the door open. My wife caught the door on the back swing and marched right into the room after him (respiratory therapist right behind her) planning on dragging him back out and giving him a piece of her mind. When she got in the room he was not there. She then noticed the patient was sitting upright in the bed just kind o
f staring off into space. So she asked her: “Did you just see someone come into the room?” The patient said “Yes, it was my daddy; he said he was coming to take me home tonight and that you mean people won’t be able to hurt me anymore.” The patient then lay down and went to sleep. The patient died that night.

4. I saw the ghost of a crushed tunnel worker
All of the tunnels were familiar to me except for one. I had always been forbidden to walk down it. Until I pestered my grandfather so much he decided to show me it. He grabbed a torch and we started down the tunnel. My grandfather, curiously, was aiming the torch beam at the left wall of the tunnel, searching for something. He found it, perhaps halfway down. There, inscribed in the chalk, was a rough cross and a date that was nigh illegible.
“This is why you’re not supposed to come down here,” he said. “This tunnel was supposed to be condemned. Someone was crushed right here.” We were 100% sure we were the only people there -- it was out of hours, and my grandfather always locked the main gate behind us when we entered the tunnel system. I swear to you Reddit, we saw the silhouette of a man slowly walk across the top of the tunnel, turn to face down to us, and then carry on. When someone tells me they don’t believe in ghosts, I tell them this story.

5. My dog was staring at a ghost
When I was around 13, we had a huge German shepherd who was seven at the time. One day, I walk down the stairs to see my dog staring at the closet. He was standing up, tail between his legs, not moving an inch, just staring at it. The door was open. He just keeps staring and staring. The most horrifying part: Rodney’s head is moving slightly from left to right, like he is following the movement of something hanging in the closet.
When I was in about the sixth grade, a friend and I went to another girl’s house. The girl who lived there told us she heard of a crazy lady who lived nearby, and threw plates at people. We decided to take their golf cart and try to find her, and videotape her throwing plates at us. We got lost in woods instead. All of a sudden, I saw something, or someone, floating in the distance. My friend turned on the video camera and we got out of the golf cart to creep closer. It was a dead body, hanging from a tree.

7. We were paralyzed after we saw a ghostly woman
We turn one of the bends, I see a person, sitting on a boulder at the edge of the road.
We park the car right opposite this figure, engine still running, and my friend calls out, “Hi there, are you ok?” We saw that it was a woman, her face was three times the length of a normal person’s face, her eyes were completely blank and she had a smile on her face. When we both got home, we had a very high fever and we were like that for a couple more days afterwards.

8. A strange voice spoke to my daughter
My twins were two months old and barely sleeping through the night. My wife and I were woken around 2 a.m. to some crying coming from one of the cribs. It was my turn to get up, so I saunter over to Gabe (one of the twins) and I hear a woman say “It’s ok Gabey.” My wife goes, “Did you hear that?” To this day, we have no idea where the voice came from.

9. I saw Death in my bed
I was sleeping at my in-laws house. At around 1 a.m. I awoke and DEATH was by my bed (Hooded Skeleton, the whole bit). I could not breathe and I felt the most profound sense of peace. I spoke to DEATH telepathically and said, “I am ready to go” and I was truly unafraid and I was ready to die. DEATH said, “I have you, but not yet”, and vanished. Woke up at 6:30 to hear my father-in-law screaming. His wife had died in her sleep. Time of death: 1 a.m.

10. My cousin was saved by a Hawaiian spirit
My cousin Kim is about six years younger than me. She has since birth, the ability to see spirits. When Kim was around five her family moved to a valley on the eastern side of O’ahu, a place known to contain Hawaiian burial grounds. Kim became the perfect child. Going to bed on time, eating her veggies and cleaning her room without having to be asked. My aunt asked her: “Kim. Why are you such a good girl?” to which she replied: “The Green Man told me to.” My aunt took Kim to an O-Daisan, a Japanese medium who told her that Kim was communicating with a Hawaiian spirit and that she called him the “Green Man” because that was the color of his malo (loin cloth). The O-Daisan advised the family that the spirit was benevolent as if he was going to do something evil, it would have already happened. About six months after visiting the O-Daisan my aunt, my grandmother and Kim were in a four car accident, their car being in the middle. My aunt, my grandmother and Kim were all on the front bench seat of the family’s st

ation wagon without wearing their seat belts when my aunt heard tires screeching. She looked in her rear view mirror and saw a young Hawaiian man sitting in the back seat smiling. At the moment of impact the front bench seat reclined so that when the cars hit they were in a prone position. The station wagon was totaled, smashed like an aluminum can yet no one including the baby was injured. The O-Daisan explained that the Green Man was Kim’s guardian angel and that he had to perform a good deed before he could be released from the spirit world. Kim never saw the Green Man after the accident.

11. We heard our piggy banks shaking on their own
When I was growing up, my parents moved into a newly remodeled home. Apparently, it used to be a funeral parlor, and because of its location (not too terribly close to anything), it was a pretty great price. However, at night when my parents would put my brother and I to sleep, the pans downstairs would clank together, and then loud booming as someone stomped up the stairs. The next thing I can remember is the bed shaking, left and right. Often times our Ernie and Bert piggy banks would start to shake, and they’d turn around. Being young we didn’t like them looking at us at night, so we would face them towards the wall … they’d always turn around.
Even our parents both remember how they could hear the change jingling around as the banks moved. By morning it would all be back to normal, and the cycle would repeat.

12. His room was destroyed by a demon
A friend picked up some weird stuff from a yard sale. Some things with weird symbols and such, but it still looked cool. He placed it on his dresser and we left for pizza. We come back one hour later. The room is destroyed. Everything had been thrown around, dresser drawers pulled out, clothes on the floor, closet doors torn down, and the stuff he bought sitting in the same place. It was completely undisturbed.

13. My entire house was haunted
When my parents got divorced, my mother moved to a nice lake house. She bought it from a widow whose husband had died of lung cancer. I often felt like someone was watching me in my room at night, and would hear creaks from my dresser like someone was leaning on it. My sister felt the same way, but about someone sitting in a chair in her room and it, creaking. We would both awake in the middle of the night with just an eerie feeling that we were being watched. Within the light cast by the computer, there was a shadow that was unfamiliar, and it began to move. It was two shadows really, and they looked like legs. Slowly, the two shadows moved again, like legs, but they were slowly walking towards me. They were almost transparent, like light shining through wax paper. As they approached me, I screamed, and threw the light switch. I never slept on the second floor again.

14. The security sensors went off when no one was around
I work in a nursing home so we have weird things happen all the time (socks traveling across the hall by themselves, cupboards opening and stuff flying out, lights turning off and on, washing machines just sitting all full of ice water for no reason, etc.). All of our Alzheimer rooms have special sensors so we know if a resident is getting out of bed or leaving their room. One particular night a call light kept going off promptly followed by that room’s bathroom sensor being tripped. This room’s resident had passed away three days before. At 10 p.m., just an hour before I got to leave, we heard a lady screaming for help. We ran back to the source and it turned out to be in that same room. The bathroom sensors started going off again right when we got there. We had to check in case some other resident had gone in, but there was no one. The sink and shower were both running full blast with ice cold water though. I turned everything off and reset the switch, and gently pulled the door closed as I left. Halfway
through closing it, someone/thing SLAMMED it closed for me. I almost had my shoe caught.
I refused to go back in the rest of the night.

15. Our Ouija board caused us to see hallucinations
Graduated high school, moved in with best friend, bought a Ouija board. Once we asked it if it was friendly and it said no. Then we asked if it liked us and it said no. We didn’t really play with it much after that, but it stayed in the apartment. I started seeing cats out of the corner of my eyes several times a day. When I looked, there was nothing there. After weeks of this, my friend told me she was seeing cats, and her boyfriend (who occasionally played with the board with us) immediately said he had, too. We ended up giving the board to a friend and the cats disappeared. Not very scary, but VERY weird.

17. We saw a lady in white
A buddy and I were relaxing on a porch late on night close to the Michigan border at a friends house and staring into the woods I see something. I said hey Donny do you see that, he said yea it looks like some chick just standing there. So we kept staring and then all of a sudden it zipps off to the right as if it were floating. We looked at each other and freaked out so bad we ran inside the house and slammed the door. His sister looks at us crazy and we tell her what we just had seen. She told us we had just seen the lady in white ghost and it was common up there to see her.

18. A chair moved all on its own
Well one day, I got to class, first one there and all, and my teacher leaves to get something from the printer. She leaves, I hear the door lock, and not 10 seconds later one of the chairs of a desk in front of me SLAMS itself into the desk. Never went to school early again.

19. An invisible presence shook my bed
I’ve got what I call a “bed shaker.” Whatever it is has been following me around since I was about 8. My mom used to like to prank me when I was a kid and hide near my bed and shake it. One night, I was in bed and the bed was shaking so I yelled at my mom “Stop shaking my bed!” I heard her and my father reply “We’re in the living room!” and I quickly booted it downstairs. The one time I was grateful for the bed shaker was about a year ago. My bed started doing that funky dance, and I woke up. My daughter (who was under a year) started HOWLING. I ran into her room and the wee lamp shade on her nightlight had tipped and the bulb started burning through the shade.

20. My friend can predict the sound of screams
A friend of mine tends to wake up in the middle of the night and then go to sleep a few moments after. The weird thing is that (almost) every night, he wakes up at 3:38 a.m. PRECISELY and shortly after a gruesome howl (like a very freaky powerful scream, but at low volume), will appear for approximately 10 seconds, and then just …  nothing.

21. My pinball machine started playing on its own
When I was in the second grade I had this plug in, stand up pinball machine. If you left it plugged in it would eventually start making sounds as if it was being played. One night I went to bed and it started making the sounds. I reached for the plug and could not find it. I jumped out of bed and turned on the light. When I did …  I noticed two things simultaneously …  it was not plugged in AND a ball rolled between the two flippers.

22. I had a feeling my old sweetheart had passed away
Two weeks ago, I was grocery shopping and I thought about a girl who hadn’t come to mind in years (over a decade). We were middle school sweethearts for about a minute and then I just forgot about her until that moment. When I got home, I googled her to see what she was up to (was she still hot?) and I found a blog posting about an hour old from her current SO announcing that she had just passed away from cancer.
23. I blinked and everyone disappeared
In the parking lot was one black sedan, nothing notable, no identifying marks … but nothing too unusual. I’m maybe 20m away. Except the passengers. There were four completely white, definitely Albino looking men. Bald, black eyes looking straight ahead. A moment after noticing them they all turn and look at me in unison. Their heads snapped instantly and all four of them met my eyes. I jolted back around the corner then slowly looked back around to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Nope there was the car and the men still looking at me. Then I blinked and the car was empty.

24. I heard a strange sound upstairs
Just laying there in the dark trying starting to doze off and I hear something. Something coming from upstairs. I got up to turn the TV back on and just kinda drown out the sound. With the lights on I noticed the dogs, two big rottweilers, were sitting silently in the kitchen hair bristling and staring right at me. They were looking past me at the door that goes upstairs.
I left the TV on, just turned it down, laid back down on the couch and got some shut-eye. I don’t know how long I was asleep, just that when I woke up it was still pitch black outside. What woke me up was the door. It’s an old door. The kind that’s been warped from too many winters and rubs the frame when you shut it. The kind you would have to put your shoulder into to close it all the way and would have to really pull to open it again. Yet there it was, wide open to a pitch black staircase, the hinges creaking as it bumped against my dangling feet. I was up and out in seconds, the dogs right behind me. Put my shoes on in the car, put the dogs in their kennel, and was off to sweet, sweet civilization. I didn’t care about using all the gas to drive out and feed the dogs every day, I wasn’t spending another night in that house.

25. Something we couldn’t see spoke my name
My grandma came over to visit, it was just her and me in the house, she was sitting on the couch reading a book, I was sitting next to the couch on a chair, when all of a sudden I hear my name, clear as day so I turn to my grandma and she turns to me and asks “Did you say something?” “No, I thought you called me that’s why I turned.” She says, “I heard someone say your name.”

26. We all had the same exact dream
After my grandmother passed away, everyone in my family had the same dream of sitting down with her at a restaurant talking about her will.

27. I saw a shadow figure move across my bed
When I was about eight, I was going to bed in my room when a grey thing about the size of a football slowly moved across the foot of my bed, slightly pulling the blankets as it went. It dipped down when it got to the end and I couldn’t find any trace of it. My parents wouldn’t believe me  and I was terrified for ages.
I had many instances of terrible sleep paralysis where I could feel something grabbing lightly at my feet and/or pushing on my belly and chest, I would often see cats skirt about my feet or around doorways when there was no cat there, I would hear angry, indecipherable whispers when sleeping in the living room, etc. Creepy, old house.

28. A spirit messed with my gun
I bought an old Mosin Nagant 1891/30 rifle. For those who don’t know guns, it’s the main rifle of the Soviet army in World War II. I had just cleaned it after a range trip and put the rifle and bayonet in the gun safe. Fast forward a few weeks when I’m about to go shoot again. Open the gun safe and what do I find? The bayonet is attached to the rifle. I’m the only one in the family with keys to safe and the only one who would even open the safe, yet alone touch what’s inside. Now, from what I’ve read in Soviet field guides, Soviet doctrine said that a bayonet should only be removed when cleaning the weapon or when traveling by rail. I theorized that it was the spirit of a long dead conscript keeping his rifle battle ready.
This story was first published on Creepy Catalog.