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PNP to strip all in President Duterte’s drug list of licensed guns, police-bodyguards

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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THE Philippine National Police leadership headed by Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa will strip all individuals on President Duterte’s list of drug personalities of their gun licenses and police-bodyguards in case they have any, officials said yesterday.

At present, the PNP Firearms and Explosives Office headed by Chief Superintendent Cesar Hawthorne Binag has already revoked the gun licenses issued to 84 individuals, many of them public officials named by President Duterte.
“We have revoked the gun licenses of these 87 individuals and will be looking forward to revoking the firearms’ permits of other persons on President Duterte’s third and final list,” said Binag, a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class 1987 who is leading massive reforms in the PNP-FEO which so far has hit all-time high when it comes to revenue collections since the start of the year.
Binag and his ‘document warriors’ from the PNP Special Action Force have already forwarded the revocation order on 72 of the accused. The documents of the 12 others are set to be forwarded this week.
The Chief Executive last week said he would  publicly reveal the final list of people involved in illegal drug trade which include at least 40 judges and a one-page list of Chinese individuals.  The president said he would give copies of his drug list to the PNP and the Armed Forces as he asked for a six-month extension on his self-imposed deadline to stop drugs and criminality in the country.
The President said at least 1,000 politicians and public officials  included in his final drug list, among them policemen, judges, barangay captains, mayors and governors.
As a policy, the PNP will automatically strip the public officials of their licensed firearms and police-bodyguards.  Binag said a record check showed  not all of the persons on the president’s first and second lists are licensed firearms’ holders. Regarding the third list set to be released by the President, Binag said they will ask the PNP Directorate for Intelligence to provide them  complete names and other details which they will cross-check with their records.
“Once we find out those in the third list have licensed firearms, we will immediately work to revoke their gun licenses and permits,” he said.
Once their firearm licenses are revoked, the concerned individuals are required to surrender their guns to the PNP.
Shortly after he linked more than 150 judges, mayors, lawmakers, police and military personnel to illegal drugs last July, the President ordered them to surrender for investigation and promptly relieved members of the PNP and the AFP from their posts.
He also ordered the gun licenses of the politicians and other individuals in his drug list immediately canceled and instructed Gen. dela Rosa to recall their PNP security personnel.
In Northern Mindanao, Police Regional Office 10 director, Chief Superintendent Noel G. Constantino said he has already stripped Ozamis City Mayor Reynaldo ‘Aldong’ Parojinog, Ozamis City Vice Mayor Nova Princess Parojinog-Echaves, Councilor Ricardo ‘Ardot’ Parojinog and Clarin, Mindoro Oriental Mayor David Navarro of their firearm licenses.
Constantino said the four have surrendered their licensed short and high-powered firearms which include an M16 Bushmaster automatic rifle, an FN pistol, a Socom II, an AK-45 rifle, Galil, Uzi machine pistol and short firearms including Glock semi-automatic pistols to the local police.
Constantino also ordered the immediate recall of police officers detailed as security escorts to the four politicians and cancelled their deputation authority over the PNP pursuant to National Police Commission Memorandum Circular No. 99-010 and Sec. 65   of   Republic   Act   8551.