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BI ‘intel’ chief warns ‘extort’ groups

  • Written by Paul M.Gutierrez
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FORMER Philippine National Police (PNP) Intelligence director and now Bureau of Immigration (BI) chief of intelligence Charles Calima has warned unscrupulous persons from engaging in any illegal activity by dropping his name and that of Comm. Jaime Morente to extort “protection money” from those doing business with the agency.

“It has come to my attention that there are individuals who are claiming that I have ‘authorized’ them to collect ‘protection money’ for me and Comm. Morente.

“I urge those being targeted as victims to immediately report any such incident to me or to any law enforcement agency of the government so those behind this scam can be immediately apprehended and unmasked,” Calima said.
Calima and Morente were classmates at the ‘Dimalupig’ Class of 1981 at the Philippine Military Academy. They both retired last year from the PNP with honor and distinction after more than 38 years in service.
Morente is the choice of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte to spearhead the government’s anti-corruption campaign at the BI, which is one of the most graft-ridden agencies of the government.
Calima said he is now using the “full resources” of his office in order to “entrap, unmask and put behind bars” those perpetrating the scam.
“These people are making a mockery of our anti-corruption measures at the BI. Rest assured they will not get away with it,” Calima said.
“We have no intention to destroy our name and reputation by engaging in corrupt practices here at the BI.
“We value our reputation and we will defend our honor with our lives,” added the bemedalled and highly-respected retired police official.