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Lovi counters role model tag

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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Lovi Poe Lovi Poe

LOVI Poe got a big surprise when a fan named Kyla wrote to her saying she’s her role model. This can be seen in Lovi’s post on her social media account:

“I obviously do not project the qualities of a role model. Sometimes I get in trouble or get a lot of flak for being true to myself... but certain things such as this remind me of how lucky I am to be able to serve as an inspiration to a few. If there’s one thing I’d promise people, like my dear Kyla… it’s that I’d do my best to have a character that’s worth emulating. You say I inspire you... But I’ll tell you guys a million times that it’s the other way around. Good job @lovipoeupdate! I’m proud of you! and it’s ok if you miss out on my show because of your studies! I’m glad that you know how to set your priorities!”

Lovi says the message of Kyla encouraged her a lot. She’s already getting lots of good and positive feedback for her persuasive portrayal as the suffering Joanna, the wife of Tom Rodriguez as TJ in “Someone to Watch Over Me” who’s doing a lot of sacrifice for her husband who’s afflicted with early onset Alzheimer’s disease. “Laging intense drama ang mga eksena namin at mahirap gawin,” she says. “But getting great feedback from viewers like Kyla inspire me to always give my best in the show.”

This week in “Someone to Watch Over Me”, Max Collins as Irene takes Tom as TJ to a hotel and they make love. Tom proposes marriage to Max but she tells him the truth: that he is already married to Lovi as Joanna. She regrets having gone to bed with Tom and takes him back home to Lovi who accepts him back.

For a while, they are happy, but Tom wakes up one morning and doesn’t recognize Lovi again, driving her away. He goes berserk and couldn’t be pacified by anyone, so Lovi volunteers to ask the help of Max. Meantime, Lovi herself is getting more attached to Cogie Domingo as Ian, who takes her to a support group for people whose loved ones have Alzheimer’s disease.


RICHARD Yap admits he feels so sad that “Mano Po 7” Chinoy” was not accepted as an entry in the coming Metro Filmfest. “Nakakapanghinayang talagang hindi kami nakasali kasi we did everything possible ng buong cast and ni Direk Ian Lorenos para matiyak na we have a good quality movie, a moving family drama that’s perfect for the Christmas season,” he says. “But I guess we just have to live with their decision not to accept us. Move on na lang. But I’m still very honored and proud to be a part of the ‘Mano Po’ franchise. Wala pa ako sa showbiz, napanood ko na ang ibang movies nito and never kong naisip na, one day, gagawa ako ng ‘Mano Po’ movie. And this one is really about a Chinese family where I am the head, so napakaganda and challenging ng role ko.”
Direk Ian says Richard is a revelation as Wilson, the business taipan and patriarch who is very protective and strict with his family, not knowing they’re being alienated from him. Playing his wife is Jean Garcia and their three kids are Enchong Dee, Janella Salvador and Jana Agoncillo. Enchong is paired with Jessy Mendiola, while Janella is linked to Kean Cipriano as her music teacher and Marlo Mortel as her schoolmate. Also in the cast are Eric Quizon as Richard’s long lost brother, Rebecca Chuaunsu as Richard and Eric’s mom, plus Pinky Amador, David Chua and Rosalind Wee.


MEANWHILE, didn’t Direk Ian Lorenos have a hard time directing such a big cast, considering that it’s his first mainstream movie after directing two acclaimed indie films, “The Leaving” and “Alagwa”? “Noong una, kabado ako, kasi most of them are A-listers at kilalang celebrities,” he says. “But I gained confidence when I talked to them and realized they’re dedicated artists, not just celebrities. We all collaborated and they gave a very good performance.”
Eric Quizon, who’s the most experienced member of the cast and is a director himself, says Direk Ian acquitted himself well for a new director. “He has a clear vision of what he wants for his film. He is good with his visuals and is also a good storyteller. May puso ang pagdidirek niya,” says Eric, which flattered Direk Ian to no end.
“Mano Po 7: Chinoy” will be shown on December 14 in theatres nationwide, with a premiere night at SM Megamall on December 9, and with Direk Ian getting married on December 10.


GMA-7 gives newcomer Lindsay de Vera her biggest break in the current primetime hit, “Alyas Robin Hood”. Lindsay’s real name is Lindt Johnston and she started as a child star and TV commercial model when she was eight  years old. Now a sweet 16, she plays Dingdong Dantes’ niece named Lizzy. This is their second time together as she was introduced in Dong’s teleserye last year, “Pari Koy”.
“Napakabait po niya and my dream is one day, maging leading lady rin sana ako ni Kuya Dong,” she says. “Nothing is impossible naman po, ’di ba? Baka four years from now, kapag 20 na ako, puwede na akong kapareha niya. Libre naman ang mangarap, e. And I’m sure hindi lang ako ang may ganyang pangarap but also other young actresses.”
She comes from a family of doctors based in Pangasinan and she also wants to be a pediatrician some day. “Kaya lang, nabigyan ako ng chance sa showbiz at sayang naman to let go of the opportunities coming my way. I’m enjoying doing ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ as it gives me the chance to work with great actresses like Tita Jaclyn Jose and Tita Cherie Gil. Baka later, bumalik ako sa pag-aaral and finish college.”
She’s paired with Dave Bornea in “Alyas Robin Hood” but she says they’re just good friends off cam. “I want to focus muna seriously on my career kaya wala akong planong makipag-boyfriend. Kami ni Dave, friends lang talaga dahil lagi kaming nagkakasama sa iba’t ibang workshops ng GMA. He’s aware na career ang siyang priority ko.”
This week, Lindsay and Dave are kidnapped by Dina Bonnevie as Mama Daisy, the new evil villain who has joined “Alyas Robin Hood”. They are held captive by Dina and her cohorts, along with Dingdong Dantes as Pepe. Lindsay keeps on crying, scared of what Dina might do to them. But Dingdong manages to fight back and holds one of the guards hostage (Michael Flores). He then warns the other guards that he will kill Michael if they will not give him back his freedom.