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PH’s 5 biggest frats support DU30’s anti-illegal drug campaign

  • Written by Jay De Castro
  • Published in Opinion
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THE Nagkakaisang Kapatiran para sa Bayan at Kabataan (NKBK), composed of the five biggest fraternities in the Philippines, namely, Alpha Kappa Rho (Akrho), Alpha Phi Omega (APO), Capazcepa, Scout Royal Brotherhood (SRB), and Tau Gamma Phi (TGP), supports the all-out anti-illegal drug campaign of our President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

The NKBK supports the President’s war on illegal drugs because it directly benefits hundreds of thousands of their student-members all over the country.
If there is a large, captive and monied market that drug lords and pushers target in their nefarious trade, it is the students all over the archipelago, from high school to college level, who number in millions, many of whom are frat men and women found to be drug users or dependents.
These fraternity and sorority members are vulnerable to drug abuse and addiction by reason of their youth, such that the alumni of the different fraternities under NKBK, Akrho, APO, Capazcepa, SRB and Tau Gamma Phi, have decided to support the President’s serious resolve to eradicate illegal drugs in six months, and will help the President attain this objective within the time frame he has set.
There is cogent reason for the alumni and student members of NKBK to support and rally behind the President’s firm resolve to eliminate illegal drugs in six months as shown by his following courageous actions and decisions:
1. He named five active and retired PNP generals who are allegedly coddlers or protectors of illegal drug trade in the country.
2. He named judges, mayors, and other active and retired police officers, who are allegedly coddlers or protectors of illegal drug trade or themselves the drug lords in our country.
3. Since he took his oath on June 30, from July 1 to August 2, a total of 402 alleged drug pushers or addicts have been killed or an average of 14 dead drug suspects per day, and,
4. Nearly 600,000 drug pushers, addicts or dependents have surrendered since the President assumed office.
With these figures, unprecedented in our country’s campaign against illegal drugs, most of our people believe that Duterte’s promise to defeat illegal drugs in six months could be achieved and they are willing to help him.
Their trust in the success of his anti-illegal drugs campaign is not due solely to the number of people being killed, but on the large number of drug pushers and users who had surrendered and are expected to surrender all over the country, like, the one time surrender of more than 10,000 self-confessed drug pushers and users in San Fernando, Pampanga, who promised to heed the President’s call  to change and become responsible citizens.
The officers of the NKBK believe in the serious resolve of our President to end the menace of drug addiction in our country.
In view of the ill-effects of illegal drugs on their young brothers and sisters, NKBK’s alumni and alumnae decided to actively support President Duterte’s anti-illegal drug campaign by sponsoring an anti-illegal drug seminar, called “PAKIKIISA SA KAMPANYA NG PANGULO LABAN SA DROGA” to be held at the National Press Club of the Philippines in Intramuros, Manila, next month.
The objective of the seminar is to encourage the young male and female members of their respective fraternities, as well as their alumni and alumnae, who might be drug users or dependents, to quit the vice and become responsible members of the fraternity and society.
The seminar will be attended by active and retired officers of the PNP and AFP, members of the judiciary and active prosecutors of the DOJ, who are alumni and alumnae of the said fraternities.
The NKBK was founded on June 15, 2015 by Atty. Jay C. De Castro, Secretary-General of the Tau Gamma Phi, Metro Manila Regional Council (1979-80); Arch. Tony Dimaano, National President, Alpha Phi Omega (1989-91); Manny “Indian” Sipin, Chairman Emeritus, Scout Royal Brotherhood; Jose “Boy” Chua, Founder, Alpha Kappa Rho; and, Engr. Ben Singanon, Founder of Capazcepa fraternity.
The other founders of NKBK were Atty. Felipe “Flint” Cruz, member, Supreme Board, Akrho, Atty. Caloy Caliwara, National President, APO, (1987-89);  Ms. Jovelyn “Kikay” Ayan, President, Capazcepa Metro Manila Alumni Association, Prof. Imelda “Jhomel” Salazar of SRB, and NBI agent Aldrin Mercader of TGP.
To all brods and sis of AKRHO, APO, CAPAZCEPA, SRB and TGP, and other fraternities and sororities, let us support our President Rody Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs for the good and welfare of our young members and the Filipino youth in general.