Ties bound, unbound

Published : Wednesday April 23, 2014   |  Category : Editorial   |  Views : 55
By : People's Journal

Some things never change; others do. Are we, Pinoys, really more American than the Americans themselves? This question was once posed by  an economist-columnist as he tried to sort out the Filipino psyche. For generations of Filipinos, America is simply "Mommie Dearest". Sure, there have been short but serial bouts... Read more

Slowpoke PH

Published : Tuesday April 22, 2014   |  Category : Editorial   |  Views : 102

It could get worse. As if things were not bad enough for this poor excuse for a country. Just the other day we were handed an Easter Sunday treat with a report that sought to make us feel better about our national situation. The thankless report from the Wall Street... Read more

Being there

Published : Monday April 21, 2014   |  Category : Editorial   |  Views : 98

“Emerging, most likely, more promising, and having the highest potential.” What do these mean, exactly? We cannot help but ask why because these phrases have always been appended to the country and its capital. Pardon our pessimism, but we really think these are other people’s way of just being nice... Read more

Have a Merry Easter!

Published : Sunday April 20, 2014   |  Category : Editorial   |  Views : 133
By : People's Journal

Many believers say Christians should celebrate Easter in a merrier way than Christmas. This is because many  insists no one knows exactly when Jesus Christ was actually born. Instead they prefer all Christendom celebrate Easter as the true Christmas. They reason that true, while the birth of Christ gave us... Read more

Marketing Mar

Published : Thursday April 17, 2014   |  Category : Editorial   |  Views : 203
By : People's Journal

Charity, compassion, mercy. This sums up the message not just of the Lenten season, but the whole concept of Christianity. But all these things mankind has been so generously endowed for a selfless reason: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth... Read more

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