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Keep your skin safe under the sun

Published : Saturday March 29, 2014   |  Category : Travel & Leisure   |  Views : 630

SUMMER is here and beach party is the next sure thing to happen. But you want to maintain the glow of your skin without doing damage. Get your skin ready and equip your self with some protective “tools.” * Sunburn. In case you get sunburn and swelling, an... Read more

Summer road trip checklist

Published : Thursday March 27, 2014   |  Category : Travel & Leisure   |  Views : 672
By : People's Tonight

HOLY Week is just around the corner, and for many weekend warriors, this means valuable time for an annual road trip vacation -- pilgrimages to embark on and churches to visit, while at the same time, hometowns to visit and faraway loved ones to reconnect with. Of course, this peak... Read more

Pick a dog that suits your lifestyle, hobbies

Published : Sunday March 23, 2014   |  Category : Travel & Leisure   |  Views : 701

PETTING a dog is not like cuddling a cat because she’s cute and adorable. Whether a dog is local or not, its characteristics should always suit its human counterpart otherwise they it end up being a lonely or stressed dog. For example,  a Siberian Husky is not like other ordinary... Read more

Humor prevails over good looks

Published : Friday February 14, 2014   |  Category : Travel & Leisure   |  Views : 1102

UGLY people with a sense of humor appear to trump their good-looking but dull peers when it comes to dating, according to a survey conducted by the Social Weather Stations. Nine in 10 adult Filipinos surveyed said they would pick “a man/woman who has a sense of humor”. However, ten... Read more

Fill your Valentine with ‘G’ stuff

Published : Tuesday February 11, 2014   |  Category : Travel & Leisure   |  Views : 1083
By : Bhaby See

SHOPPING malls are now filled with countless heart-shaped chocolates and flower bouquets attractively arranged as Valentine  gifts. Most health buffs no longer find chocolates and even flowers  great Valentine gifts. Chocolates can give you toothaches and cavities; a bouquet fades within a week. A waste of money knowing the... Read more

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