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Fans say farewell to literary icon

Published : Wednesday April 23, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 55

MEXICO CITY — Mexico bid farewell Monday to its beloved adopted son, Colombian novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez, with thousands of fans filing past his ashes in a music-filled tribute to the Nobel laureate. A coffee-colored urn containing his ashes was placed on a pedestal, surrounded by yellow roses — his... Read more

Feel at home in Sampaloc, Quezon

Published : Wednesday April 23, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 90
By : People's Tonight

SAMPALOC, Quezon is situated in a valley completely surrounded by hills in the heart of the Sierra Madre mountain range between the towns of Lucban and Mauban. The town was formerly Barrio Dingin of Lucban town, and consisted of three sitios. It was later named Sampaloc after a big tamarind... Read more

Pusong Minero gives old tarps new life

Published : Sunday April 20, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 127
By : People's Tonight

“IT all began with typhoon Sendong that hit Cagayan de Oro and Iligan in 2011,” said Atty. Leo Dominguez, relating how the Philippine Mine Safety & Environment Association (PMSEA) Pusong Minero Program got started with their get-a-tarp campaign to complement the regular rescue and relief operations they conduct in times... Read more

‘Miracles’, ‘healing powers’ of Lola Ibe

Published : Thursday April 17, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 209
By : Efren Montano

LOCAL folks and even devotees,  foreign and local tourists alike from far flung places flock to Capiz to cling to the miracles and healing powers of mummified Lola Ibe. Maria De Juan Basanes who is fondly called Lola Ibe was buried some eight decades ago yet her corpse, although a... Read more

Shroud of Turin shows agony of Jesus Christ

Published : Thursday April 17, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 569
By : Efren Montano

FORENSIC studies have proven Jesus Christ’s miracles including his superhuman endurance following the inhuman scourges he suffered in the hands of His tormentors. “The miracle was JC’s resurrection, and the evidence He left in the Shroud of Turin proved the gravity and intensity of the scourges,” according to Dr. Erwin... Read more

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