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‘Miracles’, ‘healing powers’ of Lola Ibe

Published : Thursday April 17, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 91
By : Efren Montano

LOCAL folks and even devotees,  foreign and local tourists alike from far flung places flock to Capiz to cling to the miracles and healing powers of mummified Lola Ibe. Maria De Juan Basanes who is fondly called Lola Ibe was buried some eight decades ago yet her corpse, although a... Read more

Shroud of Turin shows agony of Jesus Christ

Published : Thursday April 17, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 112
By : Efren Montano

FORENSIC studies have proven Jesus Christ’s miracles including his superhuman endurance following the inhuman scourges he suffered in the hands of His tormentors. “The miracle was JC’s resurrection, and the evidence He left in the Shroud of Turin proved the gravity and intensity of the scourges,” according to Dr. Erwin... Read more

PH sets new record for largest flaming image using candles

Published : Wednesday April 16, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 104

PH sets new record for largest flaming image using candles

HUNDREDS of people lined up in a dark, muddy field to form a giant map of the Philippines on Monday, in a bid to set a new world record for the largest flaming image using candles. The project by the Middle Way Meditation Institute in the central island of... Read more

Get inspired by Daniel’s story

Published : Tuesday April 15, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 139
By : Bhaby See

HIPPOCRATES had said “Let food be your medicine and medicine your food.” Urban lifestyle is filled with diseases and illnesses that  spawn each another. Dieting and simple clean living was practiced a long time ago and Prophet Daniel had proven that vegetable diet not only made him look young... Read more

Baseco women welcome birth control law victory

Published : Thursday April 10, 2014   |  Category : People & Places   |  Views : 203

SINGLE mother Christina Bantasan clutched her baby in the shadows of a sprawling Philippine slum, wishing that a controversial birth control law had come earlier so she could have planned her future better. Bantasan, 25, had a child out of wedlock in October, six months before the country’s highest... Read more

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