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Beauty Guru Dursula Ito On Keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive

  • Written by Jet D. Antolin
  • Published in Women's Journal
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It’s Christmas time and there’s no way celebrating it without being surrounded by families and loved ones.

Beauty guru Dursula Ito, founder of Swan Dance International Trading Corp, the leading distributor of high-end cosmetics in South East Asia, is no exemption. Her children come first in whatever plans she’ll make in achieving success and be a good mom to her four lovely children.

This young-looking mom to grown-up kids migrated to Japan at age 16 to continue her studies and be with her grandparents in Ichikawa, Japan. She studied Bachelor in Tourism in Japan, but ended up as a dental assistant to her dentist husband who owns four dental clinics (Takumikai Dental Clinic) in Tokyo, Japan. “Living with my husband is bliss, especially when we’re just starting to plan on having a family of our own,” says Ito, mother of twins Emi and Yumi, Luigi and Marianne.

Ito has a wonderful life in Japan with her husband, but that doesn’t mean she won’t pursue her life’s dream of becoming successful on her own. She has a passion for beauty, make-up and skin care products and everything that prettifies a woman would land on her beauty lists. “I’ve always been fascinated with things that make women beautiful and attractive. I believe being a woman is almost always synonymous to gorgeousness. Every woman is beautiful and enhancing one’s features with the right beauty products would come a long way,” Ito shares.

A strong woman armed with determination to help women in enhancing their beauty, Ito followed the direction of putting up her own beauty and skin care products company. Established five years ago, Swan Dance International Trading Corporation started as a retailer and distributor of appreciative high quality Chacott for Professionals products like ballet shoes, ballroom, jazz, yoga attires, stage accessories and cosmetics and organic skin care. Ito has been sponsoring stage make-up to Ballet Philippines for their events and other international beauty pageants, just recently the Ms. Earth 2016.

It didn’t stop Ito, she continued to find path on how to be the sole distributor in the Philippines of Girlactik beauty products by Galit Strugano, a Los Angeles native and a well-known Hollywood makeup artist. Ito first encountered and fell in love with Girlactik beauty products when being a student, served as a Japanese coordinator to her counterparts in South Africa.

“It was humid in that place and I looked for a cosmetic brand that would endure the heat and would not ‘melt’ on my skin. I went to a store and find Girlactik. That was long ago, but I haven’t stopped using the product and when I got the time to pursue my dream to become a distributor, I worked hard on it and now I have it,” Ito says with pride.

In 2008, Ito discovered an elegant shimmering and a matte brand of connections that can be used by all ages – from socialite to power-driven and dynamic woman. The Girlactik is known for glittering makeup trend that is exceptional and sparkling and light to the skin. It is a sparkle makeup that actually stayed put. “It’s in fact a glitter Hollywood makeup and Hollywood artists like Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus and more enjoy the shimmer and glitter of Girlactik beauty products,” Ito shares.

Creating the height of ‘glitter makeup’ trend in the country, Ito brings Girlactik beauty in the Philippines and started to promote and build celebrity product awareness. The line now includes pigmented shadows, blushes, glosses, shimmer dusts, waterproof eye shadow, tinted moisturizers and more. Girlactik has tapped the market as an elegant shimmering/matte brand that reaches all ages and what they call “luxurious affordable beauty”.

It was indeed the passion and dedication of Ito to bring the concept of natural, simple and yet the glamour of a woman that will stand out and compliment even those with Asian complexion. “A woman ought to be appreciated and admired. Cosmetics help to make every woman feel more confident and appealing. “That’s the reason why I nurture beauty and bring answer to every woman’s needs in creating perfect looks,” Ito adds.

Five years in the beauty industry, Ito, who is a financially independent woman, also has started another venture. In March 2015, she signed a contract with Meishoku Corporation as exclusive distributor of skin care products with organic rose, placenta whitening, BB essence cream, Bigan acne-preventing soaps and medicated lotions, skin cream with micro collagen, Porerina for pore clear face cleansing. DetClear peeling jelly with AHA and plant BHA.

“As a beauty specialist, I was inspired and engaged in other health and beauty company, Omotesandro Bihada Cosmetics Inc., a manufacturer of Capreve, one of the best sunscreens and hair care products in Japan. I want this product to be known by every woman and I guarantee that this product will make your skin clearer and pimple-free. Every woman is beautiful but it doesn’t hurt to invest on good products to enhance your beauty and make you more confident.”

Ito continuously uses her brand since her adolescent years and is a living proof of the efficacy of her products. She’s in her late 40s, but has a skin elasticity of a yuppy half her age.

With more work, Ito really finds time to be with her kids and family. She visits her husband in Japan at least every month or travel with her kids elsewhere in the country or abroad. “I hardly plan when we go traveling. It’s like a spur-of-a-moment thing. Sometimes when I am with the kids and one would ask if we could go somewhere else, I would cancel my appointments in a bit just to be with them. That’s how I value my kids,” says the proud and doting mom.

“Christmas in Japan is not as festive here in the Philippines, but I make it a point to celebrate and bring the tradition to our home. We gather and eat Noche Buena and exchange gifts. We are that simple. Special occasions like Christmas make our bond closer and stronger,” Ito states.

The Itos bring the Christmas spirit alive by letting each of them feel the love and importance of one another. “Of course they are my priorities. Sometimes, like many of us, we are in ‘a world of your own’. My kids have their own lives, their own worlds, but being with them whenever possible makes my day memorable. I may be busy in creating my dreams and pursuing my passion, but being a mom to them would be a forever task I would love doing till the end,” Ito says.