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FDA reminds public on the use of sunscreen products

Published : Thursday April 17, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 94

THE Food and Drug Administration reminds parents over the use of sunscreen products to their children when hitting the beach or pools. Over exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun may lead to skin cancer. Staying longer at the beach may harm your skin and water reflects the damaging rays... Read more

Avoid weight gain this summer

Published : Wednesday April 16, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 151

SUMMER vacation would mean outing, hitting the beach, camping and mountain climbing and you can even indulge to anything you want. But you must remember, this vacation is for you to relax, de-stress and not to make it blue. While the tendency of many is stay up late in the... Read more

‘Personalize’ your burger

Published : Sunday April 13, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 197

YOU are excited to relax this weekend and would probably chomp a burger. Unfortunately the usual burger in fastfood restaurants are all loaded with trans fats and “bad cholesterol.” Since grilling a meat or burger will perfectly match your weekend break, take a moment to prepare your own “burger” according... Read more

When urine and pool chemicals mix

Published : Friday April 11, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 427

SPLATTERING in public pools may not be so pleasing and enjoyable these days because you are more likely to acquire waterborne illnesses and skin diseases. Imagine you are bathing in water with saliva, urine and sweat of other people. Many believe that the severity of the chlorine in pools kills... Read more

Too much running shortens lifespan

Published : Sunday April 06, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 488

JOGGING and running daily offer healthful benefits.  It is also one of the methods to trim down fats. Surprisingly, a new study found that running may reach a point of diminishing returns. A number of studies have suggested that a “moderate” running regimen – around two to three hours per... Read more

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