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If your child is constipated

Published : Friday April 25, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 24

CONSTIPATION,  or also known as costiveness or dyschezia, is a bowel movement that is hard  and painful. Constipation among children often isn’t worth worrying about, and resolves on its own. But you shouldn’t ignore signs that the problem may be serious, and that your child should be examined by... Read more

Risk of eye infection if you shower with contacts on

Published : Friday April 25, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 14

SOME people with vision problems wear their contact lenses during shower thinking  it will help clean the lenses. Researchers at the University of Liverpool and the Royal Liverpool University said a certain type of strain bacteria that can infect contact lenses were able to survive the cleaning solution for more... Read more

Ineffective workouts

Published : Tuesday April 22, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 152
By : Bhaby See

YOU’VE been spending more time in the gym and you take pride in going there carrying your gym bag. Unfortunately, nothing seems to happen; you only lose weight and you are burning your calories the wrong way. Maybe you are doing the wrong thing while inside the gym. Among the... Read more

Real egg or egg-shaped dark chocolates

Published : Sunday April 20, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 126
By : Bhaby See

HAVE you eaten your Easter egg? The tradition to eat an egg (or two) is still being practiced by Catholics after attending the Paschal mass in the morning, whether it is boiled or salted egg (itlog na pula). Many are still practicing this, eating real egg (or quail egg)... Read more

FDA reminds public on the use of sunscreen products

Published : Thursday April 17, 2014   |  Category : Health & Wellness   |  Views : 161

THE Food and Drug Administration reminds parents over the use of sunscreen products to their children when hitting the beach or pools. Over exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun may lead to skin cancer. Staying longer at the beach may harm your skin and water reflects the damaging rays... Read more

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