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Beauty behind the spectacles

Published : Sunday April 13, 2014   |  Category : Fashion & Beauty   |  Views : 175

SOME women that wear spectacles are concealing something or having vision problems. That’s why many prefer contact lenses to show off their beauty and make them noticeable. Forget that vision problems and just wear your eyeglasses.  * Applying eyeliner is key if you wear glasses to add definition... Read more

Loosen the ‘germs’ in your makeup

Published : Wednesday April 09, 2014   |  Category : Fashion & Beauty   |  Views : 235

AS you press and apply makeup, especially the foundation and concealer, you are wiping at the same time the dirt and oil on your face. And as you put back the sponge to your compact makeup, germs begin to multiply. Although there are no reported serious infections from germy makeup,... Read more

Fit and design matter in buying jeans

Published : Tuesday April 08, 2014   |  Category : Fashion & Beauty   |  Views : 280
By : People's Journal

PEOPLE are more particular about the color of the jeans and, of course, the size. Once it fits them, they go for it. Very few are aware about the waist dimension – whether it is high or low-waist jeans. It is really hard to find the perfect pair of jeans.... Read more

Bright makeup is the trend

Published : Monday April 07, 2014   |  Category : Fashion & Beauty   |  Views : 280
By : People's Journal

GOING bright in makeup during daytime would not make you look cheap. The trends in bright makeup is wearable formulas that will blend with other cosmetics. To appear alluring (not over-the-top) with bright makeup, limit to one feature at a time. Here’s how: * Bold lips. If you choose pink... Read more

How to ‘reclaim’ beauty

Published : Sunday April 06, 2014   |  Category : Fashion & Beauty   |  Views : 249

NEW moms often look haggard, skinny and their skin seems dry. Hormonal change is the main culprit. Because baby has sucked many nutrients, this can make new moms’ skin look dull. With all the stress of “babysitting”, washing baby clothes, waking up in the middle of the night to change... Read more

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