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DoJ chief not keen on suing over bribe attempt

Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II yesterday hinted that he might not press charges against retired Chief Superintendent Wally Sombero and gaming tycoon Jack Lam for allegedly attempting to bribe him during a recent meeting at a hotel in Bonifacio Global. The…

Tomatoes’ lycopene, lutein help prevent wrinkles

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EATING plenty of tomatoes could stave off wrinkles and even skin cancer, according to a new study. The fruit is rich in an antioxidant called lycopene that helps shield the body from harmful UV radiation. However, the study clarified that…

Citrus fruits could quell bad effects of fastfoods

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ARE there any ways or means to stop your craving for fastfoods? People are aware that fastfoods like hamburgers, fries, chips, fried chicken and soda floats could increase their weight but craving for these is really hard to resist. It’s…

Ginger could lower blood sugar

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GINGER, the spice that puts a kick in your favorite foods, has been a go-to medicine for decades, being used to treat ailments such as colds, motion sickness, and arthritis pain. A new study showed that it can also lower…

Moderate coffee consumption extends lifespan

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COFFEE has good and bad effects. Too much caffeine can cause several ailments – increase levels of uric acid, palpitations, hyperacidity, insomnia, etc. Several studies, on the other hand, have proven the healthful benefits of coffee because of its antioxidants,…

Paul Izon Reyes: Aiming to Make Rufo’s a World-Class Brand

INTERVIEW BY RENE S. BISQUERA “Tapsilog”, the staple Filipino breakfast food of fried beef strips, egg and rice is the star dish of Rufo’s Famous Tapa. This restaurant, which started out as a small “carinderia-type tapsihan,” now has 22 branches…

Fruits, veggies cut kidney medication costs to half

KIDNEY disease patients who eat three to four more servings of fruits and vegetables every day could lower their blood pressure and nearly halve their medication costs, new research suggests. The findings stem from the multi-year tracking of a small…

Fight cold, flu with red bell pepper

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WITH cold and flu season slowly sneaking in, anybody could catch the virus and it is inevitable in people with weak immune system. The best defense is to load up the immune-boosting vitamin – either popping a vitamin C pill…

Avoid adding lemon slices in your drink

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YOUR iced tea drink looks healthy with slices of lemon in it or a slice of lemon at the rim of your drinking glass. Think again. Those wedges could have a significant number of bacteria that may cause illness or…

Health-friendly carbo

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NOT all carbo may ruin your health or figure. A recent study showed that some carbohydrates are friendly and are considered age-defying too. Scientists believe that eating more whole grains might help you to live longer. They suspect that the…

Imelda Pechera: Model Mom with a Heart

Dark moments happen to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean the world would collapse and stop spinning. Tough mama Imelda Pechera, lost her husband ten years ago, leaving her with three young kids and a starting business. Though…

Healthy drink choices

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MANAGING diabetes involves balancing what you eat and drink with physical activity and medicine. Food often takes center stage when it comes to diabetes, but beverages can also affect your weight and blood glucose. This is the reason why diabetics…

What to eat and avoid during rainy season

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THE damp and flooded conditions caused by heavy rains and monsoon carry a host of germs and diseases, cause irritated bowel or gastro intestinal problems and even diarrhea. People with weak immune system including the elderly may easily be compromised.…
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