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San Pablo faithful warned on fake priest

  • Written by Lee Ann Ducusin
  • Published in Provincial
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THE Diocese of San Pablo, Laguna has reminded the local faithful to beware of a certain “Fr. Michael P. Caadan” after he was found to be a  “fake” priest and banned from celebrating Holy Mass and administering Holy Sacraments.
In a circular issued Thursday, San Pablo Bishop Buenaventura M. Famadico quoted a letter sent by Fr. Ludgerio Martins da Silva, chancellor of the Diocese of Dili in East Timor, where Caadan allegedly hails from, informing the prelate it never had a priest named “Padre Michael P. Caadan.”
“Thank you for sending us the document. We are surprised to see this weird document. In 2000, we restarted our Curia and Mons. Carlos Belo did ordain three priests that year but not with “Mr. Michael Caadan” which Congregation of Santissima Trinidade never exist in Timor Leste,” the letter read.
Famadico said Caadan regularly celebrated Mass at the Vicariate of St. Polycarp, claiming to be a missionary priest of the “Missionarios do Santissima Trinidad,” and affiliated with the Tahanan ni Maria in Carmona, Cavite.
The document said “Caadan” was supposed to have submitted to the San Pablo diocese, identifying him as a priest ordained by Dili Bishop Carlos Felipe Ximenes Belo in Sept. 8, 2000.
“We want to confirm that the Diocese of Dili never has this kind of document and never has the seal used in this document. The statements in the document using mix of wrong Portuguese phrases and English made to confuse those who understand Portuguese, ” Da Silva said.
“We absolutely declare that the document is a fake one and the Diocese of Dili has never known one named Padre Michael P. Caadan,” Da Silva added.