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Delikadeza can bring higher trust rating for DU30 gov’t

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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I WONDER what the National Telecommunications Commission and the Housing, Land and Urban Regulatory Board have in mind to help telecommunication companies build cellsites inside private subdivisions.

Officials of NTC and HLURB met recently to discuss ways on how telcos can open the gates of subdivisions that don’t want cellsites in their premises.

Homeowner associations have been firm in rejecting telco pleas to allow them to build the cellsites. They ignored telcos’ explanation that doing so would improve mobile phone and Internet signals.
The telcos have been under fire for its failure to address poor signal in many parts of the country.
Smart for instance, aside from having poor sales service because of their tricky representatives, are receiving a mountain of complaints due to unreliable connection.
In explaining their shortcomings on the signal, Smart is putting the blame on homeowners who are closing their villages against cellsites.  
As if the NTC and HLURB can do something about it, the telcos went to their government regulator and a housing agency for help probably thinking that doing so would finally allow them to bully their way inside peoples’ properties.
Is Smart that stupid?

* * *   

Just a few days ago, House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez was fuming mad calling for the resignation of Police Chief Gen. Ronald Bato over the case of a Korean businessman who was kidnapped and subsequently killed by members of the PNP.
Then just lately, I was surprised to see a newspaper photo showing Alvarez, Bato and President Duterte seated in one table happily celebrating the general’s birthday.
Well I guess that’s really how politics work in the country. Today you’re friends, tomorrow you’re not and you’re friends again the following day. Incredible!
Although I’m a fan of Bato, I believe in Alvarez’s earlier call for the general to resign following the grisly murder of Jee Ick-joo.
Jee was kidnapped and eventually murdered inside Camp Crame, the home of PNP, late last year. Bato learned of the crime of his policemen just recently and is taking flak over the matter.
A crime happening right at Bato’s very nose is a very soft trigger to pull if one really wants to give the popular general a super bad day.
Besides, the police chief is one of Duterte’s top performing official and his political enemies can capitalize on the crime to put the administration down.
But just the same, a crime has been committed not by the usual suspects but by police officers  supposed to protect the public  and it happened right inside their own backyard.
No amount of explanation could vindicate the PNP leadership from this delicate issue.
And so I do support calls for Bato to resign not because of his failure to stop the Jee killing but because of delikadeza which should be observed by Duterte’s men.
This administration would get higher approval ratings if it has officials ready to leave their posts out  of delikadeza. It is virtually unknown in the past administrations.
And yes, Bato tendered his resignation but Duterte rejected it. And Bato is keeping his post with chin up high. Having filed his resignation but was made to stay by a popular president would further raise Bato’s public trust ratings.
Good job general.

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