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Duterte summons governors to Palace

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IT’S the governors’ turn to face President Rodrigo Duterte this week at Malacanang over the drug scourge.

Duterte bared that he is set to summon governors this week to seek their cooperation in the campaign against illegal drugs.

The President said he would ask governors to remind their mayors and barangay captains to quit drug involvement or else face death.
“I’d be calling the governors sa next week. Sabihin ko talaga sa kanila, ‘You tell your barangay captains, may supervisory powers kayo and iyong mga cities under you, iyong hindi pa chartered cities, you tell the mayors, reiterate to them,” the President said  at the annual installation of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
“But I would like to tell you, hindi ko kaya lecturan lahat ng ano… Huwag ka gyud magkumpiyansa sa akin… papatayin talaga kita. Believe me. Hahanapan kita ng ambush, lasunin kita,” the President said.
“Hindi ako aatras dito. If it causes my downfall, so be it.”
“I might be really a small time boy. No credentials, impressive ones, no nothing. But what I have is just a basic sense of my love for my country and for my children,” he added.
He said he is not cowed by threats of impeachment or coup d’état, saying he is ready anytime to administer the oath of his replacement.
“If I am ousted, I’d be glad to go out. Coup d’état? Fine… Pero hindi ako aatras dito. Tatapusin ko ito to the very last day. If it takes me six years, then six years will be it.”
“But let it not be said that I allowed this country to be placed in jeopardy, in peril because I did not know what I had to do. Wala tayong padrama-drama dito,” he said.
His planned meeting with the governors comes a week after he met about 1,500 mayors from all over the country in Malacañang to warn them face to face they would die if they are narco mayors.
Earlier, Duterte admitted that he reprimanded the mayors, especially those linked with illegal drugs.
“Sabi ko talagang papatayin ko kayo. Baka akala ninyo nagbobolahan tayo dito. I called the mayors in the Philippines, ni-lockdown ko,” he said.
He said retired police general and now Daanbantayan Mayor Vicente Loot, one of the politicians included in his narco-list, was among the mayors in the meeting.
“And Loot was there, itong gago na ito, General Loot. Alam mo ang masakit sa akin, lahat ng tao, tayo, I am thinking that you’ll protect the people. Here is a guy, military man ito,” he said.
Duterte earlier threatened to kill mayors involved in illegal drugs if they do not resign or change their ways.
He warned that mayors with suspected drug links could lose some privileges, including supervisory powers over the police and removal of their security detail.