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Kill kidnappers — Digong

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“PASABUGIN mo na sila lahat.”

President Rodrigo Duterte in his Saturday night speech in Davao City said that security forces in hot pursuit of a kidnap gang’s sea vessel are free to open fire on alleged kidnappers, and hostages killed in the process should be considered as “collateral damage.”
“Ako, ang order ko talaga, sa [Philippine] Navy, sa [Philippine] Coast Guard, basta nangidnap, tapos trying to escape, pasabugin mo na silang lahat. Sabihin nila as hostage, ‘Sorry, collateral damage,’” Duterte said during his speech at the 49th annual installation of the trustees of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.
“Ngayon, if they are blasted every day, that would stop (them). Hindi ka lalamang sa kalokohan mo. Pasabugin kita. Kaya huwag kayo mag-kidnap,”  the President said.
Duterte also revealed that Malaysian and Indonesian security forces were free to enter Philippine waters while in hot pursuit of kidnappers, provided no Philippine Navy or Coast Guard vessels are available in the area.