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‘Brilliant’ Aurora drug reformist backslides, nabbed for shabu

  • Written by Mamer Bañez
  • Published in Provincial
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BALER, Aurora -- Last July, one of drug personalities submitted himself to the government’s “Oplan Tok-hang” and signed a waiver that he would reform. In the “Bahay Pagbabago,” a reformation center for drug pushers and addicts, he was even making heads turn, excelling and even emerging second in class.

But on Saturday, the supposed reformed drug pusher was arrested by police in San Luis town, reportedly for backsliding and going back to his old trade of selling illegal drugs.
Senior Insp. Ysrael Namoro, San Luis police chief, identified the arrested recidivist drug pusher as Elmer Gutierrez, of Bgy. Real, San Luis.
Gutierrez was collared in a drug sting conducted by police and provincial intelligence operatives last Saturday, the very day he was supposed to receive an award for being the second most brilliant in the class of reformists at the reformation center.
He yielded the shabu which he sold to a policeman who posed as buyer, using P1,000 in marked money.
“Actually, Gutierrez is scheduled to receive an award but he is just like an actor who misled us,” Namoro said.
Namoro said Gutierrez was a big let-down considering lawmen have high expectations that he had been weaned away from illegal drugs.
After all, he recalled, the suspect signed a waiver to stop his involvement in illegal drugs after he was tagged as no. 3 among the targeted drug personalities in San Luis on the watchlist of the Philippine National Police.
He said surrenderers who are in the PNP’s watchlist could be merely putting up a front in signing waivers to make it appear they have changed when implementors of “Oplan Tokhang” came.
As it now appears, he said, old habits die hard.
“When we got wind of reports Gutierrez was back selling shabu, we put him under surveillance and set up the entrapment,” he said.
Gutierrez underwent drug test at the Aurora Provincial Crime Laboratory Office (APCLO) and the Aurora Memorial Hospital (AMH) for tests and is facing charges of violation of RA 9165.