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Dela Rosa to public: Follow PNP Yuletide travel safety tips

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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PHILIPPINE National Police chief, Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa, yesterday called on the public to follow very important PNP tips that could save lives, limbs and properties from criminals or even accidents while traveling in a personal vehicle or a taxi during the Yuletide season.

The PNP chief said these tips should be remembered by the public to protect them in their workplaces and their vehicles and ensure their safety while traveling even as the 160,000-strong police force prepares for another massive security program to ensure their safety and protection during the Christmas and New Year festivities.
National Capital Region Police Office director, Chief Superintendent Oscar D. Albayalde, for his part, warned the public against members of criminal groups expected to increase in Metro Manila and other parts of the country as the Christmas season draws near.
Among these groups are the notorious Salisi Gang, Ipit Taxi Gang, Siksik Gang, Riles Gang, Budol Budol, Sneaky Office Intruders, Condo Criminals and Solicit Gang.
Albayalde said that as part of their security measures, they will maintain a heavy police presence in places of convergence in Metro Manila like shopping malls, piers, bus stations, the MRT and LRT stations, airports, parks and popular shopping areas like Divisoria in Manila and Baclaran in Parañaque City.
Here are the PNP Yuletide travel safety tips:

1. If possible, use different doors and gates when departing and entering your home or office.
2. During travel, always fasten seat belts, keep doors locked and windows closed.
3. Pre-plan your route, utilizing main roadways.
4. Conduct a route survey.
5. Use caution if you must use an unpaved short cut during the day.
6. Drive your vehicle at a steady speed and keep  distance from the vehicle in front of you.
7. Turn away if something untoward appears to be taking place ahead of the road.
8. Beware of accidents and accident scenes as they may be ‘faked.’
9. Stay inside your car and observe first. If in doubt, do not get off the car.
10. Be prepared to speed away at the first sign of danger.
11. Be constantly alert to road conditions and surroundings.
12. Be alert on possible surveillance by car or motorcycle riding-in-tandem.
13. Be suspicious of slow-moving heavily-tinted cars and motorcycle riding-in-tandem especially riders wearing heavily-tinted helmets.
14. Know the location of police, hospital, military, government and public facilities or other secured areas along your routes.
15. Vary your vehicle routes. Do not set a pattern.

1. Do not make unnecessary trips. Travel in group if you can.
2. Do not utilize any unpaved short-cut road at night.
3. Do not pick up strangers or open doors or windows to unknown persons.
4. Do not hastily accept a policeman or other official in uniform as genuine.
5. Do not stop at your residence or workplace if there are unusual events or presence of persons unknown to you.
6. Do not leave personal items openly displayed in your vehicle -- you are inviting a smash-and-run thief.
7. Do not attempt to illegally bypass traffic or police checkpoints or other police roadblocks.
8. Do not park in deserted or isolated areas.
9. Be cautious when picking up hitchhikers or stopping to assist persons in distress.
10. Do not stop unnecessarily in uninhabited areas.

1. Let your family and friends know the information about the taxi you are hiring/riding: the plate number, taxi name, taxi number, etc.
2. Always make it a point to text or call friends and family members about the name and plate number of the taxi you are riding.
3. If something seems wrong, get off the taxi.
4. Stick to your routes. Be wary of the so-called short cuts.
5. Avoid sleeping inside the taxi.
According to PNP spokesman, Senior Superintendent Dionardo B. Carlos, the above-mentioned safety tips are part of the ‘be informed, plan ahead and be safe’ program launched by the police force.
A series of public advisories are now being released by the Police-Community Relations Group headed by Senior Supt. Gilbert DC Cruz as the PNP gears up for another massive security program to ensure the safety and protection of the general public during the holidays.
Cruz said the advisories are ready reference for every Filipino, young and old alike, so designed to prepare and equip them with the necessary information in times of emergencies, disaster and other life-threatening situations.
Cruz  emphasized that while the PNP will always play a vital role in creating a safe environment, there is also a need for every citizen to develop his own safety core competency in order to safeguard them against criminals.
The Journal Group was requested to run the public safety tips compiled from open sources and references from various law enforcement agencies and security experts.