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Pinoys tired of hating Marcos

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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First of all, belated happy birthday to two dear and beauteous friends of long standing.

Liza Gamban, the very amiable and efficient assistant vice president/ branch head of the Banco de Oro Pasay, celebrated her natal day Friday last week. Liza had received various awards and commendations citing her performance and utmost competence in terms of handling and servicing clients in all positions she ever held in the BDO.

Similarly, the towering and ever poised Grace Apolonio also celebrated her birthday last week. Grace, the lucky wife of colleague and CAAP spokesperson Eric (or should it be the other way around? heheh) is the NAIA Terminal 2 supervisor of the Public Affairs Office at the Manila International Airport Authority,  a position she has competently held for many years.
Greetings are being extended to the two birthday celebrants by their friends, colleagues and staff.
Accept it or don’t, the recent protest against the burial of the late President Ferdinand Marcos held in Luneta, which was dubbed ‘Black Friday protest,’ did not produce the kind of result expected, or as hyped in the media.
Firstly, the said activity failed to gather a staggering number which could have driven the point or which could have been enough to influence a possible turnaround on the decision to have the former strongman interred at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, both by the Supreme Court and President Rodrigo Duterte himself.
Also highly noticeable was the absence of high-profile anti-Marcos figures, including the members of the Aquino family and other Liberal Party stalwarts. Even key personalities of the EDSA People Power Revolution were nowhere in sight.
Instead of successfully reviving anti-Marcos sentiments and moving others to join, the said protest only showed that the majority of the Filipinos are simply tired of protesting against and hating the Marcoses. The ‘people power fatigue’ was so evident there was just no way of stirring another EDSA.
Why is this not very surprising at all? The results of the 2016 elections in so far as the vice president is concerned has a lot to do with the dismal turnout of protesters in Luneta.
Records have it that in the most recent elections, although Senator Bongbong Marcos is still contesting the results, Vice President Leni Robredo of the Liberal Party won after getting 14,023,093 votes or 35.1 percent of the total votes cast. Sen. Bongbong or ‘BBM’ to his supporters, garnered 13,803,966 votes or 34.6 percent of the total votes cast that day. Sen. Bongbong ran independent, using the name Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
In shading their ballots, the more than 13 million voters clearly saw and consciously chose the name ‘Ferdinand Marcos’ to become the number two man in our country. The fact that Sen. Bongbong landed in the second place -- athough I repeat, such results are still being contested by the Marcos camp -- sends the clear message that the Filipinos have forgiven the Marcoses. Otherwise, they could have shown their rejection of the Marcoses and their political comeback in the national scene through the power of the ballot.
Judging from the figures, the votes garnered by vice presidential candidates and Senators Peter Cayetano, Chiz Escudero and Antonio Trillanes,  even if put altogether, do not even come up to the total votes that went to Marcos.
This was probably taken into consideration by known, key figures of EDSA and anti-Marcos movements which is why they were nowhere in sight during the protest in Luneta. The Aquinos were also notably absent.
Maybe, either they have also learned to already accept the government and Supreme Court decision on the Marcos burial at the LNMB or simply avoided lending their presence to an anti-Marcos affair that was wanting in attendance.
At 6:30 p.m., when the affair peaked in terms of attendance, police estimated the Rizal Park crowd at 1,500. Organizers of the multi-sector rally on the other hand, claimed that about 10,000 to 15,000 people joined the event.
The lackluster gathering might be a signal that Marcos and all his so-called ‘sins’ should indeed be laid to final rest.  

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