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PNP to public: Follow safety tips during Yuletide season

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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POLICE-COMMUNITY Relations Group director Senior Superintendent Gilbert DC Cruz yesterday called on the public to follow all safety advisories they will be releasing before the start of the Yuletide season next week via a digital video disc or DVD which contains various modus operandi being employed by crime groups to victimize innocent targets while on the road or even in the confines of their homes or offices.

Cruz said they will particularly request bus operators and drivers to play the DVD inside their buses to inform their passengers of the different modus operandi being employed by members of the so-called ‘Salisi Gang,’ ‘Dugo-Dugo Gang,’ holduppers, pickpockets, cellphone thieves, car thieves, burglars and even kidnappers.
“Sandali lang ito, mga 45 minutes, so habang bumibiyahe sila at least nare-remind sila na may mga krimen na nangyayari,” the member of Philippine National Police Academy Class 1986 told the Journal Group.
Advisories to keep the public informed and be safe at the same time are being released by the PNP thru the PCRG and other police units as part of their public awareness program.
“Pakikiusapan natin sila na i-play kasi parang reminder sa kanila ito, hindi naman masama ’yung paalala, ’yun nga maganda parating pinapaalala. Baka iniisip nila masaya sila sa katabi nila, hindi nila alam dinudukutan na sila,” Cruz said.
Police have also warned female office workers to be wary of a modus operandi in which a con man will accuse a woman without companion of having stolen his mobile phone or other gadget in front of the public and ask her to go with him.
As soon as the terrified woman goes with the con man, she will either be robbed or sexually abused. There have also been cases in which some thieves will pretend that their target is either a friend, wife or a girlfriend.
There were some incidents wherein robbers will suddenly slap a female target and accuse her of cheating on him. Once the woman reacts, the suspect will continue maltreating and cussing her to show to passersby that they are really in a relationship. He will later poke a knife or a gun at the victim and divest her of her cash and valuables.
Then there is also the presence of so-called ‘Termite Gangs’ or thieves who tunnel their way into unguarded pawnshops, banks and other commercial establishments. These criminals usually pass thru open manholes or rent establishments adjacent to their targets.
And last but not the least, members of the ‘Akyat-Bahay Gangs’ who usually target homes whose owners go to the province or abroad during the long Christmas or New Year’s break.
Cruz said that the public should always be alert and call the attention of the nearest police station or patrolling officers once they chance upon such a situation.
“May mga style ’yung mga kidnappers, mga Salisi may anim na style, style ng mga Dugo-Dugo Gang, so ’yun 15, maraming style, makaka-select sila kung anong gusto nilang panoorin,” he said.
“Kung ang gusto lang nila panoorin kung paano malalaman ’yung fake plate numbers, fake stickers, fake license, iki-click lang nila tapos makikita na nila,” Cruz also said.
The PCRG director said they will also be doing a text brigade reminding the public about the hotlines they can call for help especially during the holiday season.
“Alam naman natin na ’yung iba nananamantala, nananalisi sa mall kasi nagbubukas na ang mga tiangge, night market, at alam nila na dadagsain ng tao so dumadami ang tirador so ang ginagawa namin, pinapaalalahanan sa text, sa social media, sa leaflets,” he explained.