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Asian Dragonboat a huge success

  • Written by Robert Andaya
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PUERTO PRINCESA City -- A  tremendous success.

That’s  how Philippine Canoe  Kayak  Dragonboat  Federation  (PCKDF)  president  Jonne Go described the Philippines’ performances  in  the  2016 Asian Dragon  Boat Championships and  Puerto  Princesa  International  Club Crew Championships at the  Baywalk here.
“I’m very happy with the performance of our paddlers,” said Go during the awarding ceremony late Sunday.
Overall, the Filipinos captured five gold  medals -- 10-seater  women’s small  boat, 20-seater  men’s 500-meter  and 10-seater junior mixed 500m last Saturday  and   20-seater  standard men  and  small boat men 200m -- to  underscore   their dominance in the  three-day competition  held as  part of  the  annual Puerto Princesa Festival.
The  Filipinos  also captured three  silver  medals.
The Filipinos  submitted a time of  46.935 seconds  in  the standard boat men  to edge  Chinese Taipei, which clocked 49.692 seconds.
In the  small boat men,  the Filipinos  timed  46.808  seconds against  Japan (48.681), Indonesia  (48.903)  and Chinese Taipei (50.518).
The  Filipinos, however, settled  for the  silver medal  in  the  junior mixed team  event with a  time of 51.54 seconds.
Chinese Taipei  bagged the gold  with 50.65 seconds.
The  Filipinos’ worst  showing  came in  the small boat men 10-seater where they finished only  fifth  overall  with  a time of  51.59 seconds.
Indonesia brought  home  the gold medal with  a  time  of 46.31 seocnds.  Japan  finished  second with 50.34,  followed by Chinese Taipei  (50.79)  and  Hong Kong  (51.46).
National  team coach Len Escollante,  for  her  part, said the Filipinas’ triumph  in the small boat women  -- the country’s third gold medal -- was the  sweetest.