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LPG prices go up

  • Written by Jeffrey C. Tiangco
  • Published in Nation
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AFTER the latest oil price hike, the 11th in the series that started last August, prices for Liquefied Petroleum Gas likewise went up yesterday.

Petron Corporation, one of the country’s top LPG producers, pegged the increase of their LPG cooking gas at P3.80 per kilo or equivalent to P41.80 for every 11 kilogram of LPG tank.

Prices of Auto LPG increased by P2.15 per liter.

The increase took effect at 6 a.m. yesterday.
Raffy Ledesma, of Petron Corporation, said the increase was due to movement of prices of LPG gas on the world market.
The price increase in LPG came after oil companies again implemented another round of increases in the prices of their petroleum products on Monday.
The increase was pegged at P0.10 per liter both in pump prices of gasoline and diesel. Pump prices for gas, however, remain the same.