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Give elected officials 4-year term -- solon

  • Written by Jester P. Manalastas
  • Published in Nation
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TO make elected officials more effective, they should be given four-year terms.

Minority leader Danilo Suarez said he would propose the four-year term for elected officials once the House of Representatives starts discussing amendment to the Constitution.

Suarez wants to change the term of office of every elected official, like mayors, governors and congressmen from three years to four years.

Meanwhile, Suarez said, to make it fair, the term of president, vice president and senators should be reduced from six to four years.

While he wants unlimited terms or reelections, Suarez said he will not propose this but instead let the Congress sitting as Constituent Assembly (Con-Ass) debate on how many terms will be allowed.
“Kung ilang terms ang allowed, that will depend on the agreement of the members of the Constitutent Assembly,” Suarez said.
At present, a president and a vice president sit for six years and are not allowed re-election.
A senator, on the other hand, has six years in office and can seek reelection for a total of 12 years.
In the case of local officials like mayor, governor and congressman, they have three years for one term and allowed to run for second and third terms or a total of nine years.
Suarez noted that the country has become too “politicized” from holding elections every three years.
“Politicized na tayo masyado eh. Mag-aaral ka sa first, second year, tapos third year implement, magkakampanya ka na naman. Wala na tayong ginawa kundi magkampanya every three years,” he stressed.
“I think four years is acceptable. Napakaiksi ang tatlong taon at napakahaba ang anim,” Suarez told media in a news forum,” the opposition leader added.
Before Congress went on a two-week break, the House Committee on constitutional amendments adopted measures calling for the convening of the members of the legislature as a Constituent Assembly.
The supermajority of the House supports the wish of President Rodrigo Duterte to change the Constitution through Con-Ass.