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PNP to go on massive security alert, issues ‘Undas’ safety tips

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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SET to go on full security alert in preparation for All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, the Philippine National Police headed by Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa yesterday released crime prevention tips as Filipinos prepare to visit public and private cemeteries to pay respects to their dearly departed this week.

Gen. dela Rosa said the tips cover those leaving their homes, inside cemeteries and while on the road leading to cemeteries in Metro Manila and in the provinces and riding either a private vehicle or a private transport.

Although the 160,000-strong police are on increased alert to secure the country particularly the airports, seaports, public utility terminals and public and private cemeteries during the All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, Mamang Pulis readers were advised by PNP spokesman, Senior Superintendent Dionardo B. Carlos, to follow the following tips when leaving their homes during the  long weekend:
• Lock all doors and windows and ensure all possible paths to the house are blocked;
• Install a burglar alarm to alert the neighbors if someone breaks in;
• Do not leave notes outside the house indicating you will be away; keep some appliances like the radio on to give the impression someone is still inside the house;
• Ask a trusted neighbor to keep watch over your house;
• Ensure no candle, gas stove or leaking faucet or plugged appliance is left unattended;
• Secure all items such as clothes being hung out to dry.
While inside the cemeteries, Carlos said the following tips should be followed:
• Bring sufficient food and water, and keep in mind that liquor and food sold by vendors inside cemeteries are prohibited.
• Bring protection against heat and rain.
• Do not bring deadly or bladed weapons, loud speakers, and gambling paraphernalia.
• Closely watch items brought inside cemeteries and make sure the candles you bring will not cause fires.
• Remind children not to roam around especially in crowded areas. Have them wear or bring a form of identification.
• Keep the surroundings clean and bring your own trash bag to put garbage in.
• Know where the first aid stations and PNP assistance booth are in case of emergency or need for police assistance.
• If attending a wake, make sure the area is crime-free.
When traveling, the PNP chief said the following must be followed:
• Before the trip, make sure the vehicle is roadworthy, and follow the “BLOWBAG” rule which is B for Battery; L for Light; O for Oil; W for Water; B for Brakes; A for Air; and G for Gas.
• Bring all pertinent documents for the vehicle, including the Insurance Certificate.
• Make sure the doors are locked and the windows closed especially if children are joining the trip.
• Ensure control of the vehicle at all times. Avoid one-handed driving or using a mobile phone; avoid driving while drunk or sleepy.
• When driving at night, always use headlights and signal lights. Don’t drive when you have poor eyesight.
• If you do not live too far from a cemetery, don’t bring your car so as not to add to traffic.
And last but not the least, Carlos said the following rules must be kept in mind when taking public transport:
• Don’t wear jewelry or bring large amounts of money. Keep watch over your mobile phone.
• Do not bring too many items.
• Be early at airports and seaports especially in the case of women, children and senior citizens.
• If you see a suspicious package, or someone acting suspiciously, notify authorities.
• Be wary of snatchers and petty thieves, and report incidents to the nearest Police Assistance Post.