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Beleaguered senator welcomes raps

  • Written by Bernadette E. Tamayo
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SENATOR Leila de Lima welcomed the filing of drug charges against her but said the VACC “wasted” its effort when it filed the case before the Department of Justice (DoJ) instead of the Ombudsman.

She also challenged all those who intend to file cases against her to “go directly” to the Ombudsman, which is the proper agency with jurisdiction to handle charges against public officials, instead of the DoJ.

In reaction to the filing of the charges against her, De Lima said: “This is most welcome. Instead of stoning me in a House inquiry, they should start filing cases in the proper venue.”

”But the lawyers of VACC should know that such a case against me for acts done while Secretary of Justice should be filed with the Ombudsman, not the DoJ,” she said.

She said that although the DoJ may initially take cognizance, the case against her will eventually be filed by the DoJ with the Ombudsman for another round of fact-finding investigation.

“In the meantime, the complainants would have wasted time by filing it with the DoJ,” said De Lima.
“In the interest of the speedy administration of justice, they should have directly filed this complaint with the Ombudsman, not the DoJ,” she said.
She added: “Unless they have other reasons for filing it with the DoJ instead of the Ombudsman. Maybe because that is the domain of Aguirre, the master of fakery. Justice under (Secretary Vitaliano) Aguirre is fake.”