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BGC opens space for start-ups, SMEs

The growth of start-ups and small and medium enterprises  has increased economic opportunities and improved living conditions of society.

With the onset of modern technology, people are now opting to work in a remote location away from office through using mobile communications technology such as Wi-Fi equipped smartphones or tablet computers while others may use a desktop computer and landline phone at their homes.

Taking this into consideration, co-working spaces for professionals, entrepreneurs and freelancers are being created to provide a shared working environment which enables them to network with each other and build a community.

The growth of the Philippine economy, young demographic and increasing capacities in offices have motivated property developers in building co-working spaces in the country.

Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation the developer behind Bonifacio Global City, has opened its newest co-working space Square One BGC, which is specially designed for small business and start-ups.
“They’re top of mind when we decided to come up with this facility,” Eli Yaneza, FBDC’s manager for business development, property planning and office leasing said.
Yaneza reiterated that Square One seeks to provide a pleasing environment for SMEs and start-ups. “Startups and growing businesses are founded by creative innovators with great ideas. Such business starters contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product. At the same time, they help provide employment, income, training and experience to other working individuals for them to become globally competitive,” according to her.
Square One caters to entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers who need to have their own small office or desk but cannot be intimated by costs incurred by traditional offices.
Operational costs can be enough to dissuade any entrepreneur to venture into a business. On top of the rent for a traditional office space, one has to consider the costs for other services such as water, electricity, Internet connection, among others. Furthermore, traditional office spaces are usually bare shell where the tenant will also have to budget for interior design, furniture and equipment. These concerns are addressed co-working spaces making them the perfect solution for small businesses and start-ups.
For just a fraction of the cost, anyone can have their own space customized for their needs without any high rental costs. Clients can choose between small offices which can fit between three to 14 workers, dedicated desks or hot desks where members can work anywhere within Square One BGC’s large Social Hall and Library.
Square One BGC offers a reliable Internet connection, free brewed coffee and other refreshments through its pantry, as well as postal/courier services. Other services are available upon request such as digital scanning and printing.
It also offers a conducive working atmosphere for its clients as it is located near other establishments such as convenience stores, retail shops, dining areas as well as pocket to relieve stress-related work. Just across Square One BGC is Bonifacio Stopover Pavilion, which houses 4 levels of food, beverage and wellness shops for the co-worker to choose from.
Its social hall allows interaction between individuals who either work in the area or lounge with venture partners. It doubles as a function room that can hold events such as press conferences, town hall meetings, seminars, and product launches, among many others. There are also various events organized by Square One BGC for its members and guests such as business lectures, game nights and acquaintance parties, but the venue is also available to the public for rent. There’s also a space were clients can set up kiosks to showcase their various offerings.
Square One BGC, which opened last Oct. 7, has an area measuring 600 square meters with 180 seats consisting of hot desks and small offices.