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PNP eyes strict background check, neuro test for cops

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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AMID its ongoing recruitment program across the country, the Philippine National Police leadership headed by Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ C. de la Rosa has reiterated the need for a thorough background check and the conduct of neuro-psychiatric test and evaluation of all police applicants to ensure that only the brightest and the fittest, both physically and mentally will become members of the force with issued guns and badges.

The PNP made the reiteration in the wake of the never-ending news on the involvement of policemen with the rank of Police Officers 1 and Police Officers 2 to illegal activities as well as grave abuses, a number of them being arrested by their colleagues to the consternation of majority of the force.
Gen. De la Rosa emphasized the need for a strict background check and conduct of neuro-psychiatric test and evaluation of all police applicants as part of the improved PNP recruitment procedures that will be based purely on qualification standards, merit and fitness.
The attitude and aptitude of applicants should be given consideration by all PNP recruitment personnel even as Camp Crame ordered a study on why policemen who have passed all qualification tests and underwent a good training became involved in grave criminal and administrative offenses as soon as they graduate.
At present, the PNP has a recruitment process based mainly on merit and fitness. But still, officials have supported the need for a strict review of the conduct of background investigation and neuro-psychiatric examination of recruits in coordination with the PNP Health Service.
In coordination with the Philippine Public Safety College, the PNP is reviewing and enhancing the current basic recruit training program to ensure that basic policing skills and discipline are fully ingrained into every recruit before they are fully deployed in the streets.
The PNP leadership has been batting for a legislation that will authorize them to train their own recruits noting that the PNP is the only police force which does not train its candidate-policemen since the law says that the training should be undertaken by the PPSC which has supervision of the Police National Training Institute.