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  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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Women talk

I just bought seven tickets to the show “Annie” and I admit I will never get tired watching this classic show about a girl who has taught a lot of values to those who have seen her.

The timeless story of a feisty orphan who manages to remain cheerful and optimistic in spite of her sad circumstances - including an abusive and manipulative caretaker - will always touch audience’s hearts. Filipinos love the pure-hearted underdog, and will always root for the little orphan Annie as she searches for her parents while delighting in the love given to her by her foster father.

Annie the Musical has been around for 40 years, and the original character is over a century old. But Annie’s tale remains relevant across the decades, and to the millions of children and grown ups who have fallen in love with her.

If we are to look around today, many of our children seem to be having a lack proper values and Annie is one show that wants to remind us time and again that values are important. What are these values?

Respectfulness. Many kids these days seem to take their parents for granted. On the other hand, Annie could only long to dream of being with her true parents.
Kindness and compassion. These days, there’s too much of the “What’s in it for me?” mentality. Meanwhile, Annie - an orphan who didn’t have much herself, went out of her way to rescue and care for a stray dog. I think the true measure of kindness and compassion is how much of it you show to those who may appear as though they can do nothing for you in return. That’s true altruism.
Maybe it’s because of the fast-paced life we are living in. The internet, cellphones, digital age are all contributing to this loss of attention to proper values. But we should also stop awhile and reflect on how we are living our lives today and what to expect for the future. What kind of life do we want for our children and grandchildren? Do we want peace and order? Do we want a green environment, one that is really healthy?  Do we want proper education for all the underprivileged so that we can have a fair and just society?
I am appreciative that there are companies who are still showing classic shows like Annie so that mixed with entertainment, which seems to be the trend today, the values are there to remind all of us of the importance of such things if we want a world worth living in.
I am glad there are now many rehabilitation centers being opened. I just hope the right counsellors will be there to help them start a new life. Remember that many of those being rehabilitated are our brothers and sisters Filipinos who really needed help from the start. Otherwise they would not have gone into drugs.
Yes, make your kids and teenagers watch Annie at Resorts World Manila and be touched and reminded once more of what really matters in the world.
We hope there will be more shows like these so that the problem of illegal drugs will finally end.