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Number 8 plates

IN a country teeming with corrupt public servants and unscrupulous politicians, many of them local government executives, driving a car with a special licensed plate is a status symbol.

And in the House of Representatives, Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez, a close ally of President Rodrigo “Digong” R. Duterte, has ordered the recall of all special plates or number 8 plates.

But Alvarez, a Mindanaoan like Duterte and Senate President Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel, stressed that only those plates issued during the 16th Congress and earlier are covered by his order.

He issued the order following reports that there are 8-plated motor vehicles spotted in indecent places, like cybersex dens, in some parts of this poverty-stricken nation.

Note that the House leadership has been receiving reports that some vehicles sporting Protocol Plate No. 8 have been spotted in indecent places and figured in crime-related activities.
The highly-articulate Alvarez issued the order through House Secretary-General Cesar Pareja.
Last August 16, agents of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), which is under the Department of Justice, turned over to the Highway Patrol Group four vehicles with license plate number 8.
Reports said the four motor vehicles were allegedly recovered during a raid at a cybersex den in Pasay City.
The NBI operatives also rescued 11minors who were being peddled to foreign nationals for anywhere from $300 to as high as $400.
It is, without doubt, disturbing and saddening that other unscrupulous motorists use 8-plated cars to intimidate traffic enforcers, including policemen, not only in the metropolis but elsewhere.
The use of 8-plated cars to make a mockery of our traffic laws, rules and regulations is no laughing matter.
Dapat matigil na ang kalokohang ito!