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Samar town joins Duterte drug war

THE local government of Laoang, Northern Samar has proven that they are supporting the anti-drug campaign of President Rodrigo Duterte following the surrender of hundreds of people involved in illegal drugs.

Laoang Municipal Police Station reported the surrender of almost 200 persons following the call of Mayor Hector Ong to his constituents to help him fight illegal drugs in the island municipality.

Based on records, 13 persons admitted that they are involved in selling illegal drugs while most of those who gave themselves up were confessed users.

Under Ong’s program, drug users will be obliged to perform activities to keep them busy and they will be monitored regularly.

Drug pushers, on the other hand, will be given one more chance to reform but will be arrested and charged once they go back to selling drugs.
Proof that the local government is bent on its anti-illegal drugs campaign, the sixth top drug personality in Laoang, Marlon Giray, 42 years old, was shot and killed by the arresting officers in a buy-bust operation last July 23.
Police reports said that Giray had surrendered to the police under Oplan Tokhang but went back to peddling drugs.
Ong emphasized that surrendering under Oplan Tokhang does not guarantee freedom.  He said that there should be sincerity in wanting to change and drug users or pushers must avoid going back to the vice.
Ong urged his constituents to continue cooperating with the authorities to make Laoang drug-free like the rest of the country envisioned by President Duterte.