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Reveal big names involved in illegal drugs

  • Written by Jay De Castro
  • Published in Opinion
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THE picture of the woman embracing, a la Madonna, her dead husband, gunned down for being allegedly a drug pusher is heartrending. 

I commiserate with them, but then I remember a police officer-friend, who was deranged by illegal drugs and during a religious ceremony his family obliged him to attend, crushed his father’s head with a stool until he died. 

For years he was disturbed by his conscience, but as he remained hooked on drugs, he committed suicide by planting a samurai in his heart.  
He used to be a fine police officer, but drugs destroyed him completely. The insanity shabu caused him and the countless barbaric crimes committed by drug-crazed criminals, like raping young girls, then killing them, by crushing their heads with rocks, make me and many others, apathetic to that forlorn Madonna sight.  
It is not surprising that very few speak against the widespread killings of suspected drug pushers and addicts happening in our country today.  
If our people are unmoved by such dreadful photograph, it is due to the deceased’s perceived wilfull and persistent act of selling illegal drugs, albeit they knew its disastrous effects on our country and people, making them merchants of death, whose existence is pernicious to our nation and youth, justifying, to the mind of our President Rody “Digong” Duterte and many Filipinos,  their becoming targets of retribution by the police and vigilantes, who have decided to eliminate, once and for all, and with extreme prejudice, all  known drug lords, pushers and addicts in our nation, including their cohorts and protectors in government.

* * *   

Our President’s serious resolve to eradicate illegal drugs, geared at killing its propagators, is motivated by personal knowledge of the agonizing and heartbreaking stories of the evils of drug addiction, which as father of the nation, he does not want to happen to us.   
Thus, in a meeting with the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (“PPCRV”) in Malacañang, he discussed the ill-effects of illegal drugs on the Filipino family.
He cited the case of a friend, who sought his help in dealing with the latter’s drug addict son, who raped and impregnated his sister, then killed their baby. He said his friend did not file criminal case against his drug-crazed son to avoid public scandal.
He also mentioned the case of a drug addict who raped his niece who was less than a year old.
He pointed out that the menace of our country’s drug problem has affected all sectors of our society, from the poor, who live in the slums, to the rich and famous, who reside in affluent subdivisions and condominiums.  
He said his list of prominent people involved in illegal drugs include congressmen and governors.  
Informing his PPCRV audience, about the gravity of our drug problem, President Duterte said that the tentacles of China and Mexico’s drug cartels have reached our shores, such that, to prevent the demise of our society and protect our youth from the evils of illegal drugs, he is determined to kill all drug lords, pushers and addicts in our country, up to the end of his term.
We believe in the serious resolve of our President to end the menace of drug addiction.
Aware of the barbaric crimes committed by drug-crazed criminals all over our country, majority of our people support President Duterte’s anti-illegal drugs campaign and show little or no concern or sympathy at all, for the many drug pushers and addicts killed at the advent of his presidency.
Surprisingly, our people beg for more, not in dead-body count in the government’s anti-drug campaign, but rather, in the disclosure of bigger names involved in the illegal drug trade, not just the mayors of small municipalities, but the congressmen, governors, and even senators, who according to former Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) head, Gen. Dionisio Santiago, are coddlers or protectors of drug lords or themselves the drug lords in our country.
When this happens, I am sure the President will have the support and backing of the entire nation.