Pia no comment on rumored break up with Marlon

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PIA Wurtzbach has done movies while she was a Star Magic ward called Pia Romero. She played supporting roles in films like “All About Love”, “All My Life”, and “Kung Ako Na Lang Sana” where she played the young Pauleen Luna. We remember her being introduced in the short lived youth oriented show, “K2BU”, when she must have been only about 13 or 14 years old then.

Now, she’s making her first movie after she became Miss Universe and she’s also using her real name on screen. The very first Miss Universe, Gloria Diaz, took several years before she did her first movie after winning the title in 1969. This was Celso Ad. Castillo’s “Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa” that really broke box office records in 1975 and introduced the so-called wet look in local cinema. That made Gloria a bankable film star who would also later win several acting awards. The next Miss Universe, Margie Moran, only did one movie after she won the title in 1973, “Oh Margie Oh”.
In the case of Pia, her first movie as Miss U, titled “The Revengers”, is something she really can’t claim as hers because she will be with two actors who have both won Box Office king titles, Vice Ganda and Daniel Padilla. Their names alone are enough to attract moviegoers to theaters. Their story conference was held at the Manila Hotel no less and she admits being nervous about it, but Vice Ganda himself comforted her.
“Sabi niya sa akin, hindi ako dapat kabahan dahil he will take care of me and i-enjoy na lang daw naming gawin ang movie,” she says. “Nakakatuwa nga kasi ang bait niya, hindi raw niya ako pababayaan so I should not worry at all. Nagtitiwala rin ako sa director naming si Joyce Bernal. I know aalalayan niya ako rito at excited na akong mag-shooting kami.”
Well, here’s hoping that the movie, an entry in the December Metro Filmfest, will really catapult Pia to full stardom and make her a big star. After this, she can expect to be paired with the top leading men of ABS-CBN like Papa P and John Lloyd Cruz, especially now that the latest buzz about her is that she has broken up from her racer boyfriend, Marlon Stockinger, after she found out that Marlon is an unwed dad with two kids. Until now, Pia has no comment on the issue.


COMEDIAN Empoy Marquez is the most visible actor on the big screen these days. His suspense-thriller, “Bloody Crayons” opened in theaters last Wednesday and while it is still showing, his new movie, the oddball romantic comedy, “Kita Kita”, will be opening this Wednesday. Empoy and his leading lady in “Kita Kita”, Alessandra de Rossi, are both proud as their movie got a Grade A from the Cinema Evaluation Board.
Directed by Sigrid Andrea Bernardo (of “Huling Cha Cha ni Anita”, the movie was shot on location in Japan. Alex de Rossi plays a blind girl who falls in love with him thinking he’s very handsome. This is Empoy's first starring role and he would like to thank their producer, Piolo Pascual and his Spring Films, for banking on him.
“Salamat kasi sumugal sila sa akin pero siyempre, kinakabahan ako habang papalapit ang playdate ng pelikula,” he says. “But so far, very positive and encouraging ang feedback mula sa mga nakapanood nito sa advanced screenings, like sa preview nito sa UP na tawa nang tawa talaga ang audience. Sabi ng Spring Films, gagawa pa raw ako ng isang solo movie sa kanila pagkatapos nito, ang “Tondo Dead”. Kakaiba rin ang concept nito para sa millennials.”
He started his career in 2003. “Yung classmates ko nung high school, tawa nang tawa sa mga ginagawa ko, kaya tinuluy-tuloy ko na. Awa ng Diyos, nakapagpagawa na ako ng sariling bahay sa Bulacan para sa family ko at dito rin sa Manila. Napagtapos ko na rin ng pag-aaral ang mga kapatid ko.”


MODEL Joey Mead and her unusual relationship with Angelina King is something for the books. When they got married, Angelina was still a man named Angelo. He later on transitioned to be a transgender and came out looking like a woman. This could have been a ground for annulment, but Joey chose to stand by her “man”, so to speak, supporting him, er, her all the way, for better or for worse, for richer or poorer, whether you’re a man or a woman. (Oh yes, but will they ever be poor considering Angelina's assets?--Ed.)  It’s most certainly far from the way we traditionally view the union called marriage.
TLC must have seen how interesting their unusual relationship can be for the public so now, they have their own reality show, “The Kings”, that aims to answer questions on the minds of nosey viewers as to how they co-exist as no longer husband and wife but as wife and wife.
Their kind of setup might shock diehard heteros and those who consider themselves as moral guardians of our society, but their honest confessions and candid revelations in the show will hopefully help viewers comprehend more what makes them tick, what makes their unique and extraordinary love affair work. The show is  really big help to the LGBT relationships in making people understand the dynamics of their kind of

Joey and Angelina open up their hearts to share their most private feelings for non-gay people to understand their plight better, eliciting sympathy in the process. They are aware that there will always be haters who’d continue to bash them and even call their unconventional relationship a form of perversion, but it seems they’re ready for that and take everything in good stride.
Will they eventually be accepted by society as a whole? That remains to be seen. But it is a big help, of course, that Angelina comes from the wealthy King family who owns several big businesses, so they don’t have any financial problems at all, unlike parlorista gays and other less fortunate ones for whom earning a living is as much as a priority as maintaining a more meaningful gay relationship.